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Best Employee Monitoring Software Solutions

Want to monitor your employee Internet and PC usage activities? You’ve landed on the right place.

Employee monitoring software will allow you to easily monitor what employees are doing throughout the entire workday. Just about everything an employer would want access to is logged, recorded and accessible through a backend that is only accessible by upper management.

Secure Your Intellectual Property – With the best employee monitoring software, you will know if files are being copied to external hard drives, you will know if changes to files are being made and you will know what software and utilities employees are using. You will be able to lock out portable USB drives, prevent certain software from running and even prevent specific websites from being loaded.

Record Everything – Record keystrokes, website visits, application usage, Internet connections, documents opened, chat conversations, opened windows, email activity, uploads/downloads and software installations without any hassle. Just install the employee monitoring software of choice and you’ll have access to all the data you need to make sure employees are doing what they are being paid to do.

Reporting – The best employee monitoring solutions will build helpful reports by users so that you can use them for employee evaluations and meetings. If you discover suspected bad activities, you can easily call that employee into the office, show them your reports and reprimand from there.

Centralized Monitoring – These software solutions all have one thing in common. You won’t need to go to a specific workstation to view logs. Although each system delivers the data differently, the end result is the employer will have a central location to view the data, generate reports and more without the employee ever knowing.

As can be imagined, using employee monitoring software will allow the company to improve productivity, improve work time at the desk and will help avoid personal usage on company work hours. Below, you will find our top software choices and recommendations. You will find total cost including multiple tiers and you’ll see the top features that have placed that particular employee monitoring software in the rankings. 

NetVizor Localized Employee Monitoring Software

NetVizor Best Employee Monitoring Software

$295 for 5 PCs

$445.50 for 10 PCs

$805.50 for 25 PCs

Keeps your company data on the internal network.

  • Exclusive 10% off TAKE10 discount offered to T5A visitors on all packages.
  • No annual or monthly pricing. Only pay for major version upgrades.
  • All recorded data is stored on a local internal PC the owner specifies.
  • Remote installer will install the software to the entire network.
  • Roving employee monitoring for employees that use multiple computers.
  • Customizable screenshot capturing duration to reduce total storage needed.
  • Real time monitoring. See what employees are doing right now.
  • Graphical top 10 reports, trend analysis, activity breakdowns and more.

NetVizor is the perfect employee monitoring solution for the administrator that wants full control of their corporate data. Simply configure NetVizor to store logs on a specified share on the network and the software will take care of the rest.

The software puts the administrator in full control. Choose to store logs on each PC on the network or choose a central server for log storage. All data is encrypted and only viewable via the NetVizor viewer which is only installed on the computer that will be used to monitor activities.

Want to install the viewer on multiple PCs so that more than one staff member can access logs and real-time activity? You can with no additional fees.

We liked NetVizor’s pricing structure. If you have a network of 100 computers, purchase the 100 computer license package and NetVizor will record activities on those 100 computers. If you have a network of 150 PCs that only has 100 PCs active at one time, you can still purchase the 100 license package and get the activities from those 100 active machines. If you exceed 100 active PCs on your 100 PC license, the 101st logged on computer and onwards simply will not have activities recorded.

As you will find, recording screenshots will take the most space on your storage devices. Thankfully, NetVizor is configurable so that you can specify how many screenshots are taken and stored. Set a limit on the total amount of days you want to log and the time between screenshots to minimize the amount of space taken per PC.

Licensing: Your employee monitoring software license purchase includes lifetime priority customer support with free minor version upgrades that will keep your software working on new operating systems and occasionally add features as well. Additionally, your purchase will include 1 year of major version upgrades. If your software gets a major upgrade, you will get access to that new version within the first year of your purchase. After that, if you want to upgrade to a major version 3 years down the road, you can at a price of 50% off the retail price.

This software is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, NT and 200x with 32-bit and 64-bit OS support.

Click the red button below to jump right to our NetVizor review pricing section that includes your TAKE10 coupon built in to each link. On the checkout page, you will see an instant 10% discount that will be applied to your order. After your order is completed, you will receive an email from Spytech with your software download instructions and help documentation.

SentryPC for Business Remote Employee Monitoring

SentryPC Best Monitoring Software

$139.75/yr 5 PCs

$239.50/yr 10 PCs

$995/yr for 50 PCs

The perfect no-headaches staff monitoring solution.

  • All logs and data stored on SentryPC servers for easy access and review.
  • Provide username/password to management so they can review activities.
  • Free upgrades for duration of your annual license.
  • Configure SentryPC and view logs from any Internet-enabled device.
  • Setup time management to prevent PC usage during off-work hours.
  • Block access to games and attention stealing websites.
  • User-specific controls. Exclude access to software/sites at the employee level.

SentryPC allows you to pay for the exact amount of users on your network. If you only have 3 PCs that you need to monitor, pay $59.95+$19.95+$19.95 and you’ll have a 3PC license for $99.85 per year. If you are needing a solution for 50+ computers, SentryPC offers volume licensing at the following rates: 50 Licenses: $995/yr; 100 Licenses: $1,595/yr; 250 Licenses: $2,995/yr; 500 Licenses: $3,995/yr; 1,000 Licenses: $4,995/yr.

One of the nicest benefits of SentryPC is the fact that all recorded data is safely transferred and kept on SentryPC servers behind your username and password. This removes the complication of local configuration, local server setup and dealing with running out of storage on the local network. Instead, everything is managed over the Internet. It’s truly a 24/7 employee monitoring software solution in the cloud.

Want to make changes to the configuration and what is allowed or not allowed? It’s quite easy. Just log in to the SentryPC website and begin making changes. Your new settings will be sent all PCs and changes will be made instantly with no hassles on your end.

Do you have an employee with a Reddit (really, any website) habit? You can easily log in to SentryPC and specify that Reddit be blocked specific to that one user if needed.

This software is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, NT and 200x with 32-bit and 64-bit OS support.


Work Examiner Best Employee Monitoring Software

$60/yr per license

$45/yr per lic 20-49 PCs

$43/yr per lic 50-99 PCs

A client-server application for corporate environments.

  • Free trial for 30 days.
  • Track computer utilization and attendance with work time tracking.
  • Block any distracting Internet content using website tracking. Logs websites, date of access and estimates the total time spent on the site.
  • Capture screenshots with multiple screen support in both recorded and real-time modes. Customize the frequency and quality to improve storage requirements.
  • A local employee monitoring solution with remote install capabilities.

Work Examiner ships with two different packages. Depending on the total amount of PCs that you need to monitor, you will either choose Standard or Professional. For smaller corporate setups, the Standard version is fully featured but meant for 3-40 workstations to be monitored. The Professional version switched the database engine to MS SQL allowing for a separate MS SQL server and meant for medium to large corporations with 20 – 10,000+ workstations that need monitoring.

With the professional version, you’ll gain access to unlimited hierarchy that allows the administrator to set viewing permissions based on management zones. 

Licensing Information: All purchased licenses include 1 year or support and updates. Work Examiner includes a per-license pricing structure that allows you to enter the total amount of PCs on the network that need employee monitoring.

Pricing is as follows:

WorkExaminer Pricing

With the current pricing structure, you will pay the following rates per year with the professional edition: 5 licenses: $300/yr; 10 licenses: $600/yr; 25 Licenses: $1,125/yr; 50 Licenses: $2,150/yr; 100 Licenses: $4,000/yr.