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Hi! My name is Scott Buehler, the owner, editor and writer for Top Five Advisor. Welcome to the site!

Below, you will find WordPress guides, hosting recommendations and several top lists where I’ve reviewed and ranked Internet services, software and various products.

Latest WordPress Guides

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Here's some popular WordPress guides that may be of interest.

Top Web Hosting

Are you starting a website or need great hosting for your WordPress site? We use and recommend InMotion Hosting. Be sure to see our full InMotion Hosting review using the InMotion Hosting Review button below.

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​We've personally arranged a special offer of over 50% off InMotion Hosting. There's no special coupon code but the orange button below must be clicked to activate the discount on their website.

Recent Guides Published by Top Five Advisor

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Top VPN Service

Did you know that you can use a VPN to get around firewalls and to allow for additional uses on sites that offer a limited trial? VPNs also help you to protect / encrypt your Internet traffic from prying eyes. If you ever use the Internet on a public free WIFI connection, protect yourself now.

​VyprVPN Diamond Award Winner!

VyprVPN has been chosen as the #1 diamond award winner in the VPN category. After they received our award, they decided to offer our visitors a 50% discount on their first month of service.

Top Five's Review Sections

Ecommerce Solutions Review

Ready to run your first Ecommerce website? We've reviewed the top e-commerce solutions and have awarded Shopify as the #1 diamond award winner in this category. Check out our Shopify review and all Ecommerce solution reviews.

Online Backup Services Review

Stay ahead of a catastrophic computer crash or hard drive failure with an online backup service. We'd recommend looking at our MyPCBackup Review and our Carbonite Review for a couple really great choices to begin your backups today. See all online backup service reviews to see your other options.

Email Marketing Service Review

Ready to take your Internet marketing to the next level? Start by offering a free product or giveaway and collect email addresses on your website to offer email-based news, updates and discounts. We've chosen Aweber as the best email marketing solution, see our Aweber review or check out all email marketing reviews.

Windows Hosting Review

For those ready to launch their first website on something that requires Active Server Pages (ASP) or MSSQL, then you'll likely need a Windows hosting provider. We've selected Arvixe as the best Windows hosting solution but feel free to see all Windows hosting reviews to help make your decision.

VPS Hosting Review

If you've had a website for a while or have decided that your website will need more reliability and power, you are ready to upgrade to a Virtual Private Server. MyHosting has been selected as the #1 VPS because of the vast customizing options offered. See our MyHosting VPS review and all VPS hosting reviews

Monitoring Software Review

Did you recently make a computer purchase and want to monitor how the family is using the computer on the Internet? There are several monitoring software solutions available, we've tried the most popular and awarded SpyAgent monitoring software as the best in this category. See our SpyAgent review and all monitoring software reviews we've completed.

WordPress Themes Review

There's nothing more frustrating than finding that perfect theme for your new WordPress website. After taking a look at our expansive collection of WordPress guides and have started your first website, you will likely want a premium theme to use. Thrive Themes has been awarded our #1 diamond award for best WordPress theme, to see why, check out our Thrive Themes review. See our other WordPress theme reviews here.

Other Reviews

We're adding more and more reviews every single day with all new categories to browse through. See below for other review sections that may interest you.

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