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Top Five Advisor - The Awards

Welcome to our awards section here at Top Five Advisor. These are our most popular categories that we've published so far. You won't find an uninformative top 10 list here, instead, we provide a unique educational experience that goes into specifics about why a company is listed, what makes them special and so much more. These pages are always being added to, tweaked and modified as services, software and products evolve.

Not finding a category you are looking for, please feel more than welcome to make a request on our contact us page. We're adding more, but many categories require testing that take time to fully review before publishing results.​

Top Internet Services Awards

Looking for an Internet based service? These are our top categories that are related to Internet services. 

Best VPN Services
Did you know public WIFI hotspots allow others to spy on your Internet usage? Fully secure your Internet traffic with a VPN to bypass corporate restrictions, protect WIFI usage and gain access to the open Internet. Choose the best VPN service from our recommendations page and you'll get the VPN in the industry.
Best Email Marketing Services
Want to capture emails and market your products, services or recent posts via your website? You want an email marketing service provider. Use a recommended T5A email marketing provider.
Best Windows Hosting
Need hosting for your ASP, MS SQL, ColdFusion or ASP.NET application? You are looking for Windows hosting. Choose from our list of best Windows hosting solutions and you'll have reliable Windows hosting from the best available.
Best WordPress Hosting
If you are looking for hosting that will provide reliable, fast and trustworthy service for your WordPress website, search no further than our best WordPress hosting page. Many provide CDN and optimized performance.
Best WordPress Themes
Once you select WordPress as your CMS, the second most difficult task is choosing a WordPress theme that will give your website the look you want. Choose from our list of the best premium WordPress themes that WordPress has to offer.
Best Ecommerce Services
Are you ready to start selling products online? We recommend an all-in-one eCommerce solution that will host your sales pages, take your credit card purchases and track your inventory.
Best VPS Hosting
We at T5A use Virtual Private Servers almost exclusively. See which companies were awarded the best VPS hosting service and see our top five recommendations. Get the most reliable VPS hosting plan available by choosing from the best in the VPS service industry.
Best Online Backup Services
Don't wait for a major hardware failure in your computer! Use one of our recommended online backup services to protect your data. Full automation, full recovery and no headaches. Choose only the best online backup services.
Best Shared Web Hosting
Whether frustrated with your current web host or starting your first website, you'll need reliable web hosting. Use a recommended T5A web host for best results.

Top Software Awards

Looking for software? These software categories are just the start with far more to come in the very near future.

Best Employee Monitoring Software
Want to monitor your workplace or business? See our recommended best employee monitoring software page for the top solutions. Record Internet usage, keystrokes, screenshots and more either remotely or securely on your own network. These are the best employee recording solutions you'll find anywhere.
Best Monitoring Software
Do you want to monitor and record your kids' Internet and computer usage activities. See which software we've awarded as the best monitoring software that is available. You'll be able to see all keystrokes, websites visited, software used, chat history and you can even set up PC lockdown scheduling to prevent overuse.

Top Electronics

Best Electronic Cigarettes
Whether you are already hooked on vaping or looking for a solution that may help you quit smoking, we strongly recommend looking at our best recommended electronic cigarette solutions. We've reviewed and ranked the best ecig kits available.