T5A Full Disclosure and Charity Information

This page serves two purposes, one is to let you know how we earn money here at Top Five Advisor and the second is to tell you more about our cause to raise money that will benefit children in the United States.

FTC Disclosure

Top Five Advisor, owned by Buehlerfam Creations, Inc., earns money through referral links to products and services that it recommends. Any time you land on one of our reviews or “best of” charts, please assume that these pages will earn us a referral fee if you follow our links and make the purchase.

To ensure compliance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR Part 255 “Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” law, we are disclosing the fact that we do earn money from this website from the various reviews, rankings and endorsement pages.

Any URL you see that starts with https://www.t5a.com/review/ is likely a referral link. For more information, please see the “How We Make Money” section below. The earnings from these links are a major part of our children charity donations.

We Donate At Least 10% of Received Commissions to Charities That Benefit Children in Need

…it’s actually more than 10%.

Our CPA has recommended that we do not set the actual goal we intend to donate to allow our business to cover hardships or unforeseen circumstances. We’re actually planning to donate far more to charities that will benefit children in need. We will occasionally update our blog with donations and the charities we’ve chosen for that particular donation cycle.

For legal reasons, we officially pledge 10% of all referral commissions earned on T5A.com to 501(c)(3) non-profit charities that serve children in need. Specifically, we are donating to US-based charities serving children within the United States. Charities that grab our attention are the ones that serve:

  • Children that have been neglected or abused.
  • Children of low income families that need assistance.
  • Children of low income families that need medical care for extreme illness such as cancer.

Important: Please understand that this is not a pledge to any one specific charity.

This charity initiative officially started on September, 2015, the month Top Five Advisor officially went live from a rebranding effort (the prior site has since been shut down).

How to Take Part in Our Cause

A Heartfelt Thanks: I started this project to put a small dent in making the world a better place. Friends and family I’ve told about this idea were extremely excited and asked how they could help spread the word, a response that overwhelmed. A thanks to my wife who gave me the go-ahead at a time when our finances looked grim at best. A thanks to everyone who went way above and beyond what I could even imagine to show their support. Thank you so much (who is cutting onions?).

– Scott Buehler / Owner T5A

Here’s the beauty of this charity cause. When you order any product from one of our reviews or “best of” charts, you will earn us a referral for that sale.

You will not be charged extra from the company you order from. In fact, most companies that we refer and write about love our cause and have provided you with a coupon discount to actually save you money over going to their site directly!

You will save money (win) and get the product you want (win). We will earn a commission with a minimum of 10% of that money going to charity (win).

Talk about your win/win/win situation.

There’s literally no downside to using our links to order and you are doing your part to help children in need.

Payments to Charities

At this time, we are writing checks quarterly (every three months) with a goal of switching to monthly as we grow.

Our donations to charities are based on received commission payments, not earned commissions. Sometimes our referrals get reversed by companies due to various reasons, therefore, we only base our donations on funds received.

Here’s our current payment schedule:

Commissions Received Date | Donation Checks Written
September 1st – November 30th | December 15th
December 1st – February 28th/29th | March 15th
March 1st – May 31st | June 15th
June 1st – August 31 | September 15th

Disclaimer: The charity or charities chosen for donation during any payment cycle are decided by Scott Buehler at his full discretion.

How We Make Money

Top Five Advisor is a for-profit website owned by Buehlerfam Creations, Inc. The money earned is used to pay expert reviewers, content writers, graphic designers, CSS coders, WordPress theme designers, WP programmers and most importantly, in marketing efforts to drive traffic volume to the site.

  1. Affiliate Links.
    This site currently uses affiliate referral links for its primary source of income. Any time you see a link with the path https://www.t5a.com/review/ in it, please assume the link is a referral link that will earn the site money. Honestly, not every /review/ link actually earns us money but we ask you to assume it does. These links also account for a significant portion of children charity contributions.
  2. WordPress and Website Services.
    We offer various WordPress and website services such as blog transfers, WordPress setup, WordPress evaluations and consulting services here that all earn income.
  3. Advertising.
    Since our relaunch, we’ve drastically scaled back most advertising to provide a better viewing experience for readers. Unlike most sites, you won’t see our site self-scrolling to fit huge ads, you won’t see flashy animations and you won’t see auto-playing video. We use the Internet too and won’t contribute to the stuff that annoys us when reading content elsewhere. That being said, although minimal, we still earn money through the use of advertising.

Referrals We Believe In

Since our relaunch, we’ve drastically changed who show as #1 in our various categories.

All “best of” showcases and reviews now fully reflect who we would use and order services from.

We turn down a lot of pitches from companies for paid placements offering gobs of money. Sorry guys, we’re not for sale.

Top Five Advisor’s mission is to:

  1. Help the customer find the service they are looking for as quickly as possible.
  2. Introduce the customer most of the top products in the niche they found us.
  3. Help the customer get the most out of their products and services by enhancing their experience.
  4. Help the customer maximize the full profit potential of the products and/or services they purchase.
  5. Help make a difference by donating a minimum of 10% of referral commissions to US charities that help children in need.

We’re very serious about helping users, new and expert alike. We like to do the research to save our visitors time and money.

If you have any questions, hop on a live chat or use the contact link in the left footer area below.

P.S. We can’t believe you read this far. Thank you so much for your support and interest in Top Five Advisor.