How Scott Buehler Went Viral and Popular on Google Plus - His Top 10 Posts

Scott Buehler’s Most Viral and Popular Posts on Google+

On May 21st, 2015, Google+ removed the Google Ripples feature from their network. This guide includes screenshots of this Google Ripples which will be left for archival historic purposes.

It was absolutely incredible when I focused the majority of my time on Google+ in 2013. I had posts that went viral beyond any expectations and they were the cause of all the swarm around my account with hundreds of people asking me what I was doing to cause it all to happen. All of this opened my eyes widely to the power of Google+ and social media in general. I was hooked.

After evaluating human behavior in social media, I came up with a plan of attack for Google+ that I worked on for a few months to test what would happen. I spent between 1-3 hours a day working the plan and at the climax, I was bringing in between 500-1,000 circles a day and all of my posts were getting shared by hundreds immediately after posting new “fun” content.

My entire strategy was a methodical process of promoting my posts on major social networks, using circle shares, using tools like Circloscope and CircleCount, and a ton of other smaller things like sharing my posts in popular communities, to my viral-content pages, and more.

It was an absolute blast. I was like a kid in a candy store. Every time a post would go viral, I’d run upstairs from my home office and tell my wife:

WOOHOO, another post of mine just got 500 shares! Google+ is fricken awesome!

Of course, I had no real plans to do anything with my methods at the beginning, it was just a way for me to dabble in the study of human behavior. There was a point when I had a new post in Google+’s “What’s Hot” section every. single. day. That’s when it happened, a constant flood of people emailing me from the contact form here at and hundreds of hangout messages asking me what the heck I was doing. Afterall, they were sharing the same content I was but I was getting hundreds of shares and they couldn’t get more than 10. What was my secret? What the heck are you doing Scott?

Scott, you just posted about your kids in Halloween costumes, on Halloween day, when everyone else is doing the same thing, and got more shares and plusses than a much more entertaining Gif I just shared! You are doing the impossible here. Teach me! Reference

Everyone was asking similar questions on a daily basis. It was around this time I met Billy Funk and decided to put a course together called Plus Mastermind to help those that wanted to learn my methods. Working on the course is how I closed out the fourth quarter of 2013.

That’s a brief summary of how my 2013 went. During the entire process, I had a ton of unexpected things happen including establishing business relationships, new friends, and an overwhelming number of people interested in my projects. Why? Well, between all my “happy” posts on Google+, I spent hours coaching businesses, helping friends, and answering questions on a daily basis. With that said, let’s move on to why you are here.

My Most Viral Posts on Google Plus

These posts are ranked by Total Engagement which includes +1’s and reshares. The big circles thing you see above each viral post is what is called “Ripples” which shows you public shares and shares within those shares from everyone. The bigger bubbles reflect  G+ influential people who caused addition reshares from their audience. I knew I’d be making a post like this in the future, so I frequently reshared my own posts to show larger ripples within the ripples, you know, to make things visually interesting for everyone.

So here they are, Scott’s top 10 most popular posts on Google Plus.

#10 – Parenting – Shares: 618; Plusses: 3,537: Total Engagement: 4,155


“As a parent, one must have patience.” Link to Post
618 Shares; 3,537 Plusses; Total Engagement: 4,155



“Albino Alligator. I didn’t know these existed!”
849 Shares; 3,621 Plusses; Total Engagement: 4,470



“Floating cube illusion.”
1,185 Shares; 2,517 Plusses; Total Engagement: 4,702



“Smooth move dude.”
1,441 Shares; 3,543 Plusses; Total Engagement: 4,984



“Incredibly adorable picture of a grown dog and a fawn.”
831 Shares; 5,082 Plusses; Total Engagement: 5,913



“Wow. A perfect loop gif.”
2,000 Shares; 3,941 Plusses; Total Engagement: 5,941



“I learned to give not because I have many, but because I know exactly how it feels to have nothing.”
1,172 Shares; 5,652 Plusses; Total Engagement: 6,824



“Malachite stone.”
900 Shares; 7,237 Plusses; Total Engagement: 8,137



“The Grand Canyon as seen from space.”
1,846 Shares; 8,525 Plusses; Total Engagement: 10,374

The #1 most viral post I’ve had is:


“Don’t look down!”
4,109 Shares; 9,525 Plusses; Total Engagement: 13,634

Some Google Plus Statistics

There’s so many other posts I could share, such as my “most plussed” or “most shared” which has a mixture of the posts above and other posts as well. Here’s some more interesting facts about my Scott Buehler Google+ account.

  • I currently have 2 posts in the top 50 all-time plusoned list on CircleCount (had 3 at one point).
  • I’ve made 2,750+ posts on Google+ most of which came in 2013.
  • I’ve received 442,000+ plus ones in total.
  • I’ve received 141,500+ reshares of my posts in total.
  • I’ve received 58,300+ comments on my posts in total.
  • I’ve reshared 1,000+ posts from others on my stream and pages.

Average Response Per Post

Average Response Time

Other Google Plus Statistics

  • You currently need more than 5,039 shares of a post to make the top 50 most reshared posts on G+. My most successful post is 930 shares short of that number.
  • You currently need 7,339 plus one’s in order to make the top 50 most plusoned posts on G+ list (link above).
  • 4 – That’s the amount of times my browser crashed collecting all of the data required to put this post together (even with 8GB system RAM).

In Summary

Wow, 2013 certainly was fun! Of course, in 2014, I transitioned to helping others achieve my results through my Plus Mastermind course so my own engagement and statistics have fallen as I focus on my career (most of which is this site and my course). I’ve found it to be much more rewarding to guide others through the web of Google+ and the positive reviews keep me motivated and pushing forward.

circloscope-ripplesIf you’ve read this far, I want to reward you with a powerful tip that will help you get started building your engagement. Download the free Chrome Plugin Circloscope, go here to pay $47 to buy the premium version, and start searching Google Plus for content related to your niche. If you find posts with high engagement (shares, plusses, and comments), load the post into Circloscope Data > Ripple and then add these people to your circles in mass. If you continue to do this daily, you’ll find people circling you back because you are effectively circling people who engage on the content you provide.

If you are on Google Plus for fun and entertainment value, you will want to share a few fun and entertaining posts every day and follow other people who engage this type of content on Google+ from the Google+ What’s Hot page (which is now buried, but found under the “Explore” link in the top navigation bar of G+). Just import the ripples from a post in Circloscope, add some filters, and add to circles. If you make this a daily habit, you’ll easily replicate my results from last year. Believe me, you’ll return to this post in a month or two and thank me. 😉

For business users, it shouldn’t take you long to figure out how to use this tool to find laser-targeted G+ users to market your products or services towards.

A special thanks to CircleCount. Without your free service, this post would have taken me 50x longer to put together.

About Scott Buehler

Scott is the owner and founder of Top Five Advisor. He specializes in business to business products and services. He offers digital marketing services to any local business that wants to drive traffic and customers from the Internet including search, pay per click and social media marketing. This page is maintained by Scott Buehler.

Randy Hilarski - February 12, 2014

Tweeted and Pinned Scott! Great post, you were dominating the platform for a long time! Thank you for helping to make Google Plus hospitable.

    Scott Buehler - February 12, 2014

    Awesome Randy! Thanks a ton!

Sue Collier - February 21, 2014

Wow Scott I’m very impressed! Very interested in GooglePlus and have been playing around to find out how to get the most out of it. Only discovered you can make pages the others day.

Will certainly be playing around with what I’ve just read! Thanks

Rahul Kumar - December 23, 2014

You rule Google Plus, Bro !

Got to follow your footsteps, cause that only can make me reach where you are.
Thanks for sharing !

    Scott Buehler - January 11, 2015

    Rahul, thanks so much. Be sure to check out my G+ course as well.