Spy Software Vs Spyware

Spy Software Vs Spyware

There is a common misconception between the differences of spy software and spyware. On this page, we are going to explain the differences so that you can get a better understanding of what spy software is and isn’t.

What is Spyware?

A spyware is a kind of malicious software (or malware as it’s mostly called) that is installed in a computer and this software gathers information typed in the computer without the knowledge of the person being spied. It is hard to detect a spyware with a simple search but there are many reliable antivirus software that can detect most of these spyware and get rid of them. You wouldn’t want to have a spyware in your computer as this could lead to a lot of problems such as your credit card information being used to make online purchases you did not consent to.

Any type of data can be collected by a spyware and it can do other things too. It can redirect your browser as it please and you have no clue as to what is going on. It is a nuisance and a security threat thus you must make sure your computer is always safe. Avoid going to websites that are not secure and avoid downloading anything online that you are not familiar with.

What is Spy Software?

A spy software is a type of software that is installed to a computer that records every activity done both online and offline. The spy software is different from a spyware because the owner of the computer is the one who made the decision to install it for monitoring activities of other members in the household or by their employees.

Spy software is legal. If it’s illegal then it can be categorized as a spyware because of its intrusion on the privacy of people who are using it. There is a thin line between the two and it all boils down to its legality.

Why is Spyware Illegal?

A spyware is illegal because it steals information from you. It is planted in your computer maliciously and without your consent. Usually, spyware are installed in your computer to abuse this type of technology. Your information may even be sold to several marketing companies and you wonder why you are getting spam emails. The worst thing that could happen is when your identity is used. There are many who reports losing their accounts such as an online game account because of spyware. The predator logs in to your account and changes the password and changes the questions so you will no longer be able to retrieve your account. Not only that, credit card details can be stolen too. This is why it’s important to scan your PC from viruses, adware, spyware and other malware before you ever try typing in your credit card information for your online purchases. Also, make sure your antivirus and spyware software are updated and reliable or else the spyware could simply pass through it.

Simply put, a spyware is something that you wouldn’t want to have in your computer or in your employees’ computers. It’s not meant to protect you, your family and your workforce but it’s meant to steal information.

Why is Spy Software Legal?

Spy software is legal if it is installed on a computer that you own and not on someone else’s computer without their consent. If installing the spy software does not violate anybody’s rights then there are no legal liabilities on your end.

Spy software programs are legal if you install it on your family’s computer to keep your children safe from online predators and from harmful information found online. It is legal as long as your child is under 18. If they are of legal age, you must inform them that you installed the software and they must also consent to it.

Spy software is also legal if you install it at your workplace provided that you have the right to do so. If you are the employer and you want to make sure your workforce are efficient and not slacking around then you must inform them that a spy software is installed on each computers and every activity done are tracked. They must know this so they will know if they type in their personal details, e.g. passwords, it will be logged.

What Are the Benefits of Spy Software?

There are a lot of benefits to having the best spy software. Unlike spyware where there are no benefits as it causes you harm in many aspects, the spy software is there to help protect you and the people who are involved.

One great benefit is for parents. You can’t always watch over your children 24/7 but at least you can try. With spy software you can monitor them when they use the computer even when you’re not at home. With this software you can make sure your children will not be in harm’s way when they don’t have your guidance when they browse online. There are a lot of sites that you can block with spy software so they won’t even be able to try and visit them especially when the contents are restricted or only for adults. The same applies to chatting. Chatting with friends is friend but chatting with strangers can be dangerous. Take control.

Improve the efficiency of your workplace. When employees know they are monitored, and if you show them evidence that you really monitor their computer use, they would be more efficient. Instead of spending hours browsing the internet they’d actually be doing what they are paid to do.

Also, the workplace is much safer when spy software is installed in all computers. This will prevent the transfer of confidential files by your employees to leak them. By avoiding such circumstance, you’d save your company from losing revenues, clients or secrets

There are other ways that spy software can be of great benefit to you. Just remember not to step on anyone’s right to privacy where it applies. Make sure to research about the legalities especially in your area when it comes to spying on a computer.

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