WordPress Category and Postname Permalink 404 Fix

WordPress Category and Postname Permalink 404 Fix

Are you having a problem with usingĀ /%category%/%postname%/ as your permalink structure when attempting to remove the /category/ base? As of the time of this guide writeup, it is still a problem in WordPress 4.2.1 that has dated back to WordPress over 8 years ago according to our research.

If you take advantage of a little hack in your permalinks by adding a . under category base, you may notice that your page 2 and beyond will show up as a 404 error. That’s not going to work, so you have a few options.

  1. Change your permalinks to not use /%category%/.
  2. Live with URLs like:
  3. Read on and use our fix to correct the issue.

How to Fix Page 2 404s Without /category/ in URLs

There’s an older free plugin available to correct this called WP No Category Base.

Simply install that plugin then go to Settings > Permalinks and remove the “.” from the Optional “Category base” area and you are golden. There’s no additional configuration page or settings that you’ll have to mess with.

WP No Category Base ReviewNote: This plugin hasn’t been updated since July 29th, 2012 at the time of this guide, yet, if you read the plugin reviews, you’ll notice that people are still using and recommending this plugin for those having this 404 issue with using a category permalink structure but removing the /category/ out of their URLs.

What’s really nice about this plugin is the fact that it will also redirect 301 the old /category/ links to the URL structure you want to use.

Plugin Compatibility

  • Works with multiple sub-categories
  • Works with WordPress Network setup (WordPress Multisite)
  • Works with sitemap plugins.
  • Does not work with certain foreign languages according to their support forum (encoding issue).

Does this fix your problem? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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Steve Doig - March 28, 2017

Hi Scott,

I tried this plugin to fix the same issue in WordPress 4.7.3 and the issue remains. i.e. a Permalink structure of /%category%/%postname%/ without a category base produces a 404.

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