How to Remotely Monitor Employees

How to Remotely Monitor Employees

Having an efficient workplace is all that employers want and dream of. But, how certain are you that you have an efficient workplace? It’s hard to tell what your employees are actually doing when you’re not around. If you’ve been an employee before then you probably know that they always give the best impression when the boss is around and rejoice when the boss is gone. The most efficient employees are those who know that the boss is always watching their moves to keep them on their toes.

Many employees, if given a computer with internet access and without being monitored, would end up browsing through websites unrelated to their work, would chat with friends, browse through social networking sites, play games or even watch videos on YouTube or watch movies online. They can spend hours doing these things- hours that you are actually paying them for their time and service. If only they used this time for work, they would have provided better results. Thankfully, there are monitoring software that are known to be reliable and works on complete stealth so users won’t know when they are being monitored. One such software is the Realtime-Spy remote monitoring software. It is the best when it comes to remote monitoring as it has the complete features for this type of product for Windows operating systems.

Why Use a Remote Monitoring Software?

The question really isn’t why but why not? With a software like this installed in every PC in your computer your employees would become more productive and your company will be even safer. Without it, employees can waste company time being idle when you are paying them to work and not play. Also, without it any employee can be a traitor and leak important files and email them to another party. Just imagine how horrible it must be when this happens to you if it did not happen to you before.

Don’t wait until you end up losing a lot of money before you take action. In fact, if you haven’t taken action and installed monitoring software in the workplace yet, then you’re already left out. Many companies in the United States are already enjoying the benefits of such software and they are more efficient than before and employers have the peace of mind knowing that important data will never have the chance to be leaked out.

How Does Remote Monitoring Work?

As the term goes, it’s a way to monitor the computers remotely. For example, the top remote monitoring software Realtime-Spy lets you install the software remotely. You don’t need to be physically there to install the software. You just need to send the installer file and the user clicks it and it automatically installs. After that, the software will start running but the user won’t know when it runs and when it’s not active because it is on stealth and you can’t find it on the task manager, the registry or anywhere. Not even firewalls can disable it. It lets you spy your computers in real-time. You can check what they are doing at the moment you are monitoring, what browser they are using, what they are typing and a lot more. You can even get screenshots to see what appears on the monitor.

With Realtime-Spy you can take control of the PC as well. You can shutdown the computer or restart it as you wish. This is perfect for employers who notice computers are set on idle or have been left on after office hours. You can turn it off and save electricity.

With Realtime-Spy you can also block the use of certain applications, software and block certain websites. This will make it impossible for your employees to be tempted to visit those sites or chat with friends while at work or play games.

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Is it Worth the Cost?

Remote monitoring software products are not at all expensive. Considering how it’s going to help you monitor your employees and how it can give you that peace of mind especially when you’re out on vacation. Realtime-Spy for instance it’s worth $79.95 and an additional $19.95 for every additional computer. If you sum it up you’d think it’s a bit expensive but it pays off after a short time.

Just try to calculate how much you are paying your employees per day. If, for example, you pay an employee $12.00 an hour, if they normally end up wasting 2 hours a day playing online games, watching Youtube videos or going into social networking sites you’d already be saving yourself $24.00 a day from the wasted hours from each employee. Just imagine, in less than a week you’d already save up the amount you paid for the software. And the good thing about this software is that it can be used for years with no additional fees. There are other remote monitoring software that have annual fees but even that is okay because you’d still be able to save up that amount from the efficiency of your workforce because of it.

Things to Consider Before Setting up Remote Monitoring Software at Work

Before setting up the software on every computer, make sure you follow your local laws regarding invasion of privacy. Every employee must be informed early on about this move. They must be informed comprehensively about what the software can do and what they must avoid doing especially when typing in their personal usernames and passwords. The software’s keylogger can catch it and log it for your viewing and if they don’t want that to happen then they must refrain from logging in to their personal accounts while at work.

In most states, it is already implemented that computers at the workplace should not be used for personal matters and the employers have the right to disallow it. As long as you have the information about your decision out then you can go on and install the software and start monitoring.

If you suddenly installed the software without the knowledge of the employees and you use the information without their consent then you will still be liable for your actions. Use the software wisely and respectfully for the growth of your business.

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