Realtime-Spy Remote Monitoring Software Feature Review

Realtime-Spy Remote Monitoring Review

Realtime-Spy Gold Medal Award Winner by Top Five Advisor for Best Monitoring Software
Realtime-Spy lets you spy your own computer even when you are not around. With this remote monitoring software, you don’t even need to physically install the software to your computer as you can do it remotely. You can then access all activities on the computer and see it in real time. You can be anywhere and still see what is being displayed on your computer and see what is being typed and all the other activities of the person who is using your PC.

Whether the remote PC is set online or offline, you can still access the activity logs no matter where you are. That is something that Realtime-Spy is great at and it’s also run in stealth mode so the user won’t have a clue their computer activities are being viewed.

Realtime-Spy is the best remote monitoring software as it garnered excellent ratings for its remote access, log reporting and monitoring features. It is also very easy to use and is also cheaper compared to other similar remote monitoring software.

Realtime-Spy Pros

Most comprehensive feature set of all remote monitoring software products.

Realtime-Spy Cons

Some users may experience problems with antivirus software.

Realtime-Spy Features

There are 3 categories for the features of remote monitoring software and they are the Remote Access Features, the Monitoring Features and Log Reporting.

Remote Access Features of Realtime-Spy:

  • Remote Installation – You can install or uninstall the Realtime-Spy software remotely. That means you don’t need to install it to your computer physically as you can do it even when you’re in a different country.
  • 24/7 Access to Logs – From a remote computer you can access all logs of your monitored computer at any time or any place. You are given a personal site address when you made a purchase of this remote monitoring software. Logs are updated every 10 minutes.
  • Multiple PC Logging & Tracking – You can see the logs or record logs in several computers you own and track them with just 1 remote location. Just choose a username for the individual computers and click on that username when you want to view their logs. It’s very easy to check logs from one user to the next as there’s no need to make extra configuration to your system.
  • Stealth Mode – Running Realtime-Spy is totally undetectable. The installation process is the only time that the user will know that you tapped into the computer. It asks permission for the installation to proceed and once the permission is granted it can completely run in full stealth. The user will not know when his/her activities on the computer are recorded.
  • Internet Connection Adaptability – Unlike other similar software, Realtime-Spy is not affected with different types of internet connections used on the computer being monitored.
  • Real-time Monitoring – You can spy in real-time. You’ll know what the computer is typing at the time that the action is taking place. You’ll know what site they are visiting at the moment they typed in the site URL and entered it. All keystrokes are monitored exactly at the type the keys are pressed from the keyboard and with every click of the mouse.

Monitoring Features

  • Screenshots – Screenshots are being logged and sent to the remote computer for viewing.
  • Email Monitoring – Email messages sent and received are logged and forwarded to your own private email to view later on.
  • Website Visit Logging – All websites visited is logged no matter what browser is used. It is compatible to any web browser from Opera, America Online, Internet Explorer to Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • Chat Messaging – All chat messages are logged. Not only are the messages sent but also the messages received so you’ll have a complete view of the conversations.
  • Printing, Documents, Applications and Other Files are Logged – When the user prints something that too will be logged. Files used and folders opened or created are also being logged as well as all the other applications ran by the user.
  • Remote Control of PC – You can remotely shutdown the computer you are monitoring or restart it. It is full control at its finest.

Log Management Features

  • Log Search – You can do a quick search on the logs to quickly find the data that you’re actually looking for.
  • Log Reporting – You can view all log reporting from the application itself. Just open the application then check out the log reports from every computer that you installed the Realtime-Spy monitoring software. You can view all the activities of every computer.
  • Top 10 Lists – This gives you the top 10 list of all the popular activities on the computer being monitored. You can get the top 10 list for the email senders, chat messages, applications used, sites opened and others.

Price for Realtime-Spy

Realtime-Spy is actually quite affordable. For just $79.95 you will already get the software and a license that you can use for 1 computer. If you plan on installing the Realtime-Spy monitoring software on multiple computers then you will need to pay an additional $19.95 for every additional computer. You don’t need to purchase the software several times, just the license for additional computers are needed. If you want to add custom usernames to give you that extra security and privacy then you can get that for just $9.95.

There are no monthly or annual fees for maintenance needed.

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Realtime-Spy Support

Realtime-Spy is powered by Spytech Software Inc. so the support team that can answer your specific inquiries about this program will be directed to their technical support.

Before you send a ticket or call the hotline of Spytech’s technical support team make sure you check the Frequently Asked Questions on their website and see if your questions can find their answers there. If you have a specific question or a glitch occurred then their technical support experts are ready to assist you.

Software Uses

Businesses can take advantage of this wonderful software. As a boss, making sure that your workforce is working even when they are not physically being monitored is a big advantage. Let your employees know that their computers have the Realtime-Spy installed to log all the activities on their computer and they wouldn’t want to be caught playing games or social networking. They’d be working during work hours the way they were hired for and you can be assured that even when you’re on vacation, your employees won’t be on one too.

Schools and other institutions can also use this software. Computers that are intended to be used for research and other educational purposes can be monitored to make sure they are used for its purpose and not for leisure.

Parents can use this to take control of their children’s computer use. Even when the parent is at work, he/she can monitor what their child is doing while using the computer at home. This will give you an idea of what the child is actually doing when alone with a computer. There are a lot of dangers online so this tool will give you peace of mind.

You can also use this monitoring software to remotely access your own computer. If you have files at home that you need, just access it remotely and get a copy of that file with ease.