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1ShoppingCart eCommerce Review

1ShoppingCart is one of the oldest eCommerce software companies we’ve reviewed. They were founded in 1999 and have been providing shopping cart solutions to businesses around the globe ever since. The company is based in Canada and boasts state-of-the-art security and solid uptime. They were acquired by Web.com in 2006 and part of the same group that provides other services online to businesses such as online marketing, search engine optimization, and website design. While the company has plenty of experience, their platform is not the most comprehensive. It may work for some businesses but may not fulfill everybody’s needs.

1ShoppingCart Pros

They offer one of the longest free trial periods to test their eCommerce service. Trusted by over 3 million customers. A very nice iPhone app for order notifications is included.

1ShoppingCart Cons

1ShoppingCart is missing many marketing features that shopping cart vendors rely on to increase conversions. Limited customer support options.

eCommerce Features

1ShoppingCart offers free templates and a website builder to help you get started creating your online store. You can customize the layouts and upload your products in bulk, and there are inventory management tools you can use to easily manage your shop. We found no mention of a backorder system or traffic statistics, and while you can sell physical goods with 1ShoppingCart, there does not seem to be any feature that allows you to sell downloadable virtual merchandise.

As far as showing off your merchandise goes, you are well equipped with 1ShoppingCart, which gives you the capability to offer showcase zooming, product variations, and unlimited photos. Advanced cross-selling features make it easy to showcase related products and up-sell to customers. A one-page checkout makes it easy for customers to get what they need. Video does not seem to be supported, nor is mobile readiness included except at the most expensive pricing tier.

Marketing Features

Marketing is an area where 1ShoppingCart could use a little work. 1ShoppingCart provides automated submissions to shopping search engines and comparison sites and has good SEO practices, and also offers discounts, coupons, targeted email advertising, and social networking features. What we did not find was a daily offers option, an option to post customer reviews on your website, direct social offers, a live chat help feature for customers with questions, a loyalty rewards program, gift cards or gift wrapping. Affiliate offers are optional at higher pricing levels. There is a program wherein you can hire representatives who work at 1ShoppingCart’s call center to answer your customer’s calls for you. These agents won’t just transfer the calls to you; they’ll actually help you sell your products by familiarizing themselves with your catalogue and delivering sales pitches.


There are three packages available if you order 1ShoppingCart. The Standard package is the least expensive offer at $34.00 per month. There is no setup fee, and the package lets you sell up to 500 products, which isn’t bad for the price, though some smaller business owners may not need this much. The Premium package goes for $99.00 per month and also includes no setup fee, and allows a business to sell unlimited products. The 1.5 percent transaction fee which is included with the Standard package drops to a 1 percent transaction fee. With the Ultimate package at $249.00 per month, there is a 0.75 percent transaction fee, and you may sell unlimited products. There is no setup fee for this package either.

All packages come with free store templates, but the two more expensive packages come with premium templates as well. The Premium and Ultimate packages both come with affiliate management. The most expensive package is the only one which includes mobile support and a custom SSL certificate. You also get a free domain name, which is a great value since you’d have to pay for it somewhere else if you didn’t get it here.

Customer Support

If you purchase the Standard or Premium package, you receive standard support, which takes the form of online trading video tutorials, and access to the billing department and affiliate support line. The Ultimate package is the only one with 24/7 toll-free customer support for all concerns. There are no indications of live chat support. A user manual and a Frequently Asked Questions page are available, but no knowledge base, user forums, or company blog.


1ShoppingCart is a company which has been around a very long time and definitely has the expertise to provide a great product. They are well known for having top-notch security for the websites they manage. The pricing tiers are affordable, but there are fewer marketing features than we’d like to see, and many comparably priced shopping cart platforms offer more in this regard. Customer support is highly dependent on which package you purchase, and many great features don’t come into play unless you purchase either the Premium or Ultimate package. TopFiveAdvisor gives 1ShoppingCart a 6/10 and recommends trying their free trial package out before committing to a paid plan. While 1ShoppingCart does not have as many features as some other eCommerce software programs, it may have enough for you if you do not require a solution which is so comprehensive.