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Fortune3 eCommerce Service Review

Fortune3 Silver Medal Award Winner by Top Five Advisor
Fortune3 is an eCommerce software company that has been in operation since 2001, so they have a ton of experience with creating superlative software. The company has numerous clients around the world and has continued to adapt and evolve over the years to create more and more effective technology which takes advantage of social networking and other web 2.0 features.

eCommerce Features

Fortune3 is very well equipped when it comes to features. Product setup is easy with SEO control, editable categories and product pages, multiple currency options, copy and paste bulk editing, custom image thumbnail creation, multiple product image support, and up-selling and cross-selling features. You can also sell and accept gift certificates and offer gift wrapping. You have the option of accepting recurring product orders and subscriptions. Wholesale pricing is available and adjustable by level or customer. Promo codes allow you to offer incentives in the form of savings on your items. You may sell physical items or downloadable files. You can also receive and display customer reviews to help promote your products. There doesn’t seem to be anything notably lacking here-whatever you need to help sell your products, you should have no problem finding it in Fortune3’s system.

Fortune3 Pros

Fortune3 has the longest trial period to familiarize yourself with their eCommerce system. Their mCommerce mobile commerce system is one of the best mobile marketing solutions available.

Fortune3 Cons

We’d like to see staff access control features, the ability to offer product comparison pages, and a customer loyalty program. A 1% transaction fee is charged on all transactions.

The system for managing your store is easy to use and includes free templates and a website builder as well as layout customization which enables you to rearrange page elements for optimal conversions. You may upload products in bulk, and there is a backorder and inventory management system. You receive statistics on traffic and sales so that you can modify your store according to analytic data and boost your sales over time. There is no delivery network or staff access controls; unfortunately there is no fraud protection, either. There is an uptime guarantee of 99.90%.

Marketing Features

Social media is well integrated into the marketing solutions available through Fortune3. You have the option of selling your products directly on Facebook using Fortune3’s Social Shopping Cart Appl. This allows your customers to shop for your products directly through FB without navigating to your website. Social shopping cart features uses your store settings and makes it easy to promote your store on your FB wall. You can also add social media sharing buttons to your product pages to help compel visitors to spread the word.

We were not able to locate a loyalty program or email retention tools (an abandoned cart saver which emails customers reminders to complete their purchase). We also did not find a daily offers option. Everything else we looked for was available including a newsletter system, customer reviews, upselling and cross-selling (product comparison) tools, an affiliate system, and live chat.


There are a number of pricing options that start at relatively inexpensive and end at quite expensive, but they are each appropriate for different store sizes. The lowest cost tier is the Basic package at $24.95 per month, which allows you to sell 50 products. There is no setup fee and unlimited bandwidth. There is a one percent transaction fee on your sales. The next two tiers are Silver and Gold, costing $39.95 a month and $69.96 a month respectively, which allow you to sell 250 or 1,000 products. Diamond, Infinity and Unlimited are the top tiers, costing $99.95, $159.95, and $899.95 a month, respectively. The top two tiers allow you to sell unlimited products, and all three have a $50.00 setup fee. The Unlimited package includes no transaction fee-for the other packages, the fee is one percent per transaction. All packages include unlimited bandwidth. If you have a large corporation, there is an additional package called Enterprise which is available just for you.

Customer Support

Fortune3 is all set where customer support is concerned. You can access an agent via phone, email or live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You also can check a user manual or the site’s knowledge base or FAQ to get answers to your questions. You may opt to post your question on the forum to get an answer from another user as well, or consult with video tutorials. There is a company blog which provides updates on the product.


Overall Fortune3 is a great product. The pricing options are good-although there are less expensive options out there if you operate a small store (100 items or less). The product display options are sophisticated, as are the marketing options, though it would have been good to include an abandoned cart saver which emails customers or a loyalty program. Customer service options are excellent, and the only other area which we felt was a bit lacking was security with the lack of fraud protection. All in all, this is a great choice for your eCommerce software, and TopFiveAdvisor gives Fortune3 a rating of 9/10.