GetResponse Email Marketing Service Review Comparison

GetResponse Review

GetResponse Platinum Medal Award Winner by Top Five Advisor
GetResponse is a popular provider of email marketing software which companies can use to keep in touch with subscribers and send out targeted emails which convert. TopFiveAdvisor took a closer look at GetResponse and concluded that Implix is a great company which has created a top-notch product.

GetResponse has a great reputation worldwide and has customers in more than 200 countries. Implix, the company behind GetResponse, delivers more than 8 billion messages every year. They were established in 1998 with just $200.00 and now have offices in the U.S., Canada, and Poland. The company is well known not just for their product but also for their high-quality customer service.

GetResponse Pros

This email marketing company has high praises from thousands of internet marketers with very positive reviews about their customer service.

GetResponse Cons

There’s currently no way to get telephone support during the weekends or late nights in the US.

The email creator has more than 500+ free templates to choose from, smart image editing within your draft, and great ease of use which allows you to quickly and easily add and move text blocks and buttons. You’re also given an email creation history section where you can view all the changes you’ve made to your email and undo changes you don’t want. You don’t need any knowledge of HTML, but you can edit using HTML if you want. You also get access to more than 1000 stock images for free.

Social media features allow you to embed sharing buttons in your emails so that your readers can share your newsletters on Facebook and other social media sites. This powerful email marketing tool allows you to increase the reach of your bulk email campaign. You’re given social share analytics which you can use to see how many people share specific newsletters and on which sites they spread the word. You can even receive data on re-tweets, comments, and other reactions to social sharing.

GetResponse Features Keep Piling Up!

Name one thing other email marketing providers don’t help you with. <pause….> Well Scott, they certainly don’t help me with my landing pages for my websites to help me drive leads into my business. SOLVED!

NEW Landing Page Creator

GetResponse Landing Page Generator

Now with GetResponse, you have the ability to create landing pages to drive potential clients and leads into your business with over 100+ templates that are ready to go. These templates configure within 30 minutes and include built-in web forms that work with your GetResponse service.

As our image above suggests, these landing pages are also mobile responsive. These templates will “respond” to the width of your customer’s browser or device so that it looks great and converts, no matter how small or large their screens are!

Responsive Email Template Design

No amount of text or images can show you how awesome mobile-response email templates in your newsletters are. Be sure to take a look at the video above provided by GetResponse to understand the full power of these new designs.

You can create your designs with no limitations, 500+ mobile responsive templates to choose from and these features are included with the price of the service.

Split Testing

GetResponse Split TestingAlong with all of the features they now allow you to use, you can also split-test your emails. This means you can create 2 separate emails to blast and GetResponse will testthem against your audience allowing you to see which one is performing better. This is especially useful when you are testing various email subject lines, headlines and more to see which verbiage your audience responds best with.

Subscriber Management Review

Your subscriber management tools allow you to easily keep track of your contacts and modify your settings for segmentation. The List Booster lets you import contacts from previous email campaigns and to segment campaigns based on information about your subscribers. With the Form Builder, you can customize the sign-up forms you create and which you can embed on your website, blog, or Facebook fan page. You’re given more than 500 different templates for your form and you can customize your input fields so that you can learn what your customers are interested in.

Based on your customers’ responses to your input fields on the sign-up form you can segment your campaigns to cater to customer interests. That way customers receive only relevant emails and not emails which will annoy them and tempt them to unsubscribe. You can also segment according to geolocation data, last message date (you can send out emails based on how often customers wish to receive them), and past activities relating to other emails you’ve sent out including opens and clicks. We didn’t notice a way to segment based on website browsing or buying patterns, so this is a bit of a drawback. Being able to segment this way is a powerful capability.

Email Reporting Review

GetResponse Metrics

Part of the power of targeted email marketing is being able to adjust your campaigns over time to the data you receive on conversions, interest, and interaction. GetResponse’s email reporting system shows you metrics over time; you’re able to see what time of day is best to send out your emails and also segment your subscribers on the basis of time of day. An email comparison message test system allows you to send out two messages to different groups and see which one generated better results. The system shows you clicks, opens, and also whether your emails are resulting in revenue. We didn’t notice a way to receive information through the analytic system about demographics, though if you use demographics to sort your groups you should be able to interpret feedback accordingly.

Ease of use is great for GetResponse’s email reporting system; you can set up the system to send you regular useful reports so that you don’t forget to check up on your campaign at a crucial time. One-click segmentation makes it simple to select relevant groups of people and send them emails based on their previous actions toward similar emails.

Customer Support Review

Customer support is an area where GetResponse has received a lot of great reviews by users. The Learning Center is where you can go to get help with the email marketing program’s features. This page is very easy to navigate and is one of the more intuitively organized help pages we’ve seen for this kind of program. On the left-hand side of the page you’ll find a list of quick links to a Frequently Asked Questions page, live webinars, video tutorials, manuals, and downloadable reports. Right below that you’ll find links to call, chat or email the support team for direct assistance. Links to the company’s social media outlets are right below that.

You can also choose to browse the help topics according to what it is you need help on, for example you can look at information on the affiliate program, surveys, webforms, multimedia or so on. These quick links are right on the main Learning Center page.


GetResponse Pricing

Pricing is a bit higher than you might find in other email marketing providers, but that higher price comes with excellent deliverability, a reliable brand you can trust and an expanded feature set you won’t find on other solutions. Pricing starts at $15.00 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers. Seven tiers are listed with the most expensive being $450.00 per month for up to 100,000 subscribers. You can contact the company directly to set up a plan for a larger mailing list. You can receive discounts on your bill for paying in advance, and there is also a free 30-day trial.

GetResponse is a popular company which has received high praise from thousands of internet marketers including very positive reviews for their customer service. Their help pages are easy to navigate and they have a feature rich platform. In the past there was no way to add a webform to your Facebook fan page, but now that feature has been integrated. Other no cost perks include online surveys, autoresponders, social networking integration, and much more.