REFOG Personal Monitor Software Review for Desktops

REFOG Personal Monitor Review

REFOG Bronze Medal Award Winner for Best Monitoring Software
Refog Personal is a great type of spy software that’s perfect both for personal or office use. You can have this spy software installed in your home computer or on all office computers to monitor what your employees are doing during working hours.

Refog Personal is the right solution both for remote monitoring or local monitoring of the activities both online and offline on computers that have this software installed. It has many functions that you’ll find essential to keep your homes and offices safe and productive.

Refog Personal Features Review

  • Web Browser History is Logged – Some users think they can get away with their activities online by simply deleting the browser’s history. With Refog Personal spy software, even that can be detected. All activities including the URL visited, timestamp and titles are all recorded in the log database.
  • Visual Evidence with Screenshots – To double check whether what’s being typed is actually correct you will also be getting random screenshots for checking. With this feature you can also see if the user, say your employee, is actually working and not checking out websites online instead of actually doing what they are paid to do.
  • Records of All Keystrokes – It acts as a keylogger. After you install the Refog Personal spy software, you will then be able to capture all of the data that is typed in with the keyboard. This includes all the passwords, email addresses, chat messages and much more.
  • Stealth Mode – If you don’t want to inform the user that you are actually monitoring the computer then you can put the Refog Personal software in its stealth mode. It will be invisible even an expert won’t be able to detect it. You can type in the hotkey and the program will reveal itself. Also, Refog can be protected with a personal password that you alone know about. Users who want to avoid having their computer user logs kept can’t open the software and try to delete it without your knowledge. Nothing will pass your guard.
  • Tracking of Chat Messages – Chatting online, whether you use Yahoo Messenger, GTalk, ICQ, Facebook or other software for sending and receiving instant messages, Refog software is going to track it down and create a log both for the incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Remote Monitoring with Email Reports – This lets you monitor the activities on your computer even when you’re away. Reports are being sent to your email address so you could view it anytime and anywhere you want.
  • Windows and Mac Compatible – Now, Refog Personal software also has a version built for the Mac operating system.

REFOG Personal Pros

Keeps it simple. A Mac version is available.

REFOG Personal Cons

No content filtering available. Cannot block certain sites or content.

Refog Personal Uses

Just like most spy software, Refog Personal is used for spying the activities of a computer whether it’s for home use or for business.

It’s important to keep your children safe especially when they are using the internet as there are no censorships with websites that you can just view by typing in their URLs. This makes it difficult for parents to monitor the activities of their children when they use the computer even when they say they’ll only do research for their homework. With Refog Personal, you can be rest assured that nothing will ever slip through your watch. All activities done online or offline can be monitored. You can protect your children from graphical images, stories and videos and even from online predators.

For office or businesses, you can keep your employees working instead of browsing, chatting or playing games while you are away. You can set the time when they are supposed to be working and monitor them during those hours. During break time, you can turn off your monitoring so they can check some personal emails or play a little online game so they won’t be burned out. What’s important is that during times of work, you know you are not just paying them by the hour without any return because they spend this time doing something else.

Technical Support Review

For technical support, the first step is to check the frequently asked questions that will help answer most of your questions regarding the software, how it works, etc. If the frequently asked questions can’t answer your specific question then you can contact their customer support team. You can send a ticket for their support team to answer. Just fill out the boxes and give as many details as possible and they’ll give you a reply at the quickest time possible.