SniperSpy Remote Monitoring Software Feature Review

SniperSpy Remote Monitoring Review

Parents or employers can sometimes become wary when they go on vacation because they leave their computers without watch. With this software, you can take control and monitor your computer even while you’re on vacation or anywhere you want to be. It’s a remote monitoring software that makes it easy to have a peace of mind knowing that you’ll know exactly what is going on with the computer you own.

SniperSpy is not a spyware. It is a spy software that lets you see the activities of whoever is using your computer. It needs the consent of parties involved to avoid any legal liabilities. It’s a great tool especially for parents to use for monitoring their children’s activities when they go online.

SniperSpy Features

  • Remote Installation – SniperSpy can be installed remotely. The person using the computer must accept the module attachment and run it. Once it is ran, the module will automatically install the SniperSpy software and will start running and logging all activities of the computer. Take note, this software is not a spyware thus it’s important for the user to actually accept the module before it is installed.
  • Firewall Resistant – Even with an active firewall, this remote monitoring software will still run. There isn’t going to be any problem when you have a strong firewall so rest assured that even when a firewall is turned on, you can still happily get all the logged information on the user activities on your computer.
  • Screenshots – With SniperSpy, you can choose how often you want it to take screenshot photos of the computer screen. You can set it to take a screenshot every minute or a few shots per hour. It’s really up to you.
  • Keystrokes Capture – All keystrokes typed in any forms and in any window are all logged and that includes the passwords and usernames for every website visited and logged in by the user of the computer you own.
  • Location Mapping – IP are logged for every upload which gives you an idea of the physical location of that computer. If it’s a mobile computer then you can see where the PC is at the moment.
  • Chat Recording – All chat messages are recorded. Both incoming and outgoing chat messages are logged. It doesn’t matter what chat messaging program is used, it records it all.
  • Uploads Copy – When a user uploads a file, you get the actual copy of that file.
  • Applications Execution Recording – When an application is ran, you will get the complete information about it and that includes usernames and the full path of the application.
  • Screen Viewer on Real Time – It lets you watch what is on the screen just like having a built-in TV on your browser. You will see what the other person is seeing in the most accurate time. Depending on the internet connection speed, lags may be experienced but you’ll still get an actual screen view on real time.
  • Keystroke on Real Time – As you are viewing the PC with the screen viewer you can also check the keystroke by viewing it in real time on a separate screen. If the person is chatting then you won’t just see the chat windows but will actually read what’s being typed and replied.
  • Send Messages – If you want to send a message to the computer then you can do it in real time to alert the person in front of the PC. The message will be written as a message from Admin that will send a discreet alert for the user to take notice.

There are many more added features to this program. Practically, it allows you to get information of all activities both online and offline and lets you get in touch with the computer.

SniperSpy Support

They have a user guide, an FAQ page, and a knowledge base so you can find the answers to your questions. If these pages are not enough or your question is so specific then you can contact their customer support by sending them a support ticket. They will send you a response as soon as possible.

Software Uses

You can use SniperSpy remote monitoring software for surveillance of your workforce when you are away. You can also use it to monitor your child’s activity online and protect them from the harm that the internet can do to them such as with getting in contact with an online predator or being exposed to harmful and graphical images posted online and many others.

The workplace can greatly benefit from it not only to make the employees be more efficient but also to avoid any stolen data. Without this software, an employee can easily transfer important data to an outsider and this could make you lose a lot and could jeopardize the company. Don’t let this happen by keeping your guards up at all times.