SoftActivity Keylogger Monitoring Software for Desktops Review

SoftActivity Keylogger Review

SoftActivity Keylogger doesn’t have the prettiest graphical user interface, but it gets the job done and is updated to work with the latest versions of Windows, including Windows 8.1. Although we consider the software basic, it gets the job done to give you the data you need to make sure users of your PC are being good online.

SoftActivity is a company based out of North Vancouver, BC, Canada. They currently offer three monitoring software solutions with their personal monitoring option being for SoftActivity Keylogger (this review). If you are looking for a cheaper no-frills solution for your monitoring needs, this product might fit the bill perfectly.

SoftActivity Keylogger Pros

This program is the cheapest monitoring software solution we’ve reviewed.

SoftActivity Keylogger Cons

Lacks content filtering options to limit access to specific websites. Does not provide any form of telephone support. Live chat was offline during review.

SoftActivity Keylogger Features Review

SoftActivity Keylogger Program Usage Report

SoftActivity Keylogger will record pretty much everything you want to record to get an accurate idea of what other people are doing on your computer while you are not watching. This includes:

  • Logging Features: Used applications, work duration, keystrokes, passwords, Internet surfing history, Internet usage monitoring including social media and files accessed reports.
  • Emails send and received.
  • Internet Chat Conversations: Includes Skype, AIM, Windows Live, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ and IRC.
  • Screenshots: Takes screenshots based on user actions including websites, programs and more. View screenshots as a slideshow and set capturing presets to limit disk space usage.
  • Reporting Features: Easy to use tabbed interface allows you to see top programs used reports, top websites visited, view programs used, keystrokes, and more.
  • Works in Secret: No processes shown in the task bar or files seen on the hard drive. All configuration and logs are behind password protection.
  • Emailed Reports

Technical Support Review

SoftActivity includes instructions on setting up their software to work seamlessly with antivirus software. You’ll likely see errors and blocks when setting up this software until you follow their instructions to prevent the antivirus from detecting this program.

We found a step-by-step guide that walks you through the entire process of setting up this keylogger. There’s 2 pages of steps to follow and 2 more pages that walk you through the various features and configuration.

Additionally, they’ve included a large FAQ section that answers common questions including the ones we thought of during this review. For actual customer support, they have a full knowledgebase and trouble ticket system that you can use to get help. At the time of this review (5:30AM), their live chat system was offline and not available.

SoftActivity does not provide telephone support, toll-free or toll are both not available.