WebWatcher Monitoring Mac or Win Software Feature Review

WebWatcher Monitoring Software Review

WebWatcher Silver Medal Award Winner for Best Monitoring Software
WebWatcher monitoring software is one of the best you can find. It has powerful tools that you can use even as a remote user. You can see the activities of your computer as details are sent to you anywhere you are with the use of the internet.

WebWatcher is a great tool for parents to use. As you might have seen on many TV shows talking about the danger of the internet to children, there are many ways for online predators to get in touch with your children. There are horrifying stories about these that could have been prevented if parents acted just in time to protect their children. With WebWatcher monitoring software, you could be assured that the internet is a safe place for your children. It’s a tool they can use to learn something new, play some fun games or for research purposes only.

Peace of mind is your best reward when you get the WebWatcher monitoring software and for that reason alone you know you are getting the best from the money you pay.

WebWatcher Pros

Comprehensive feature set allows monitoring of most internet activities including social networking and emails. Offers a 3-day money back guarantee which isn’t standard for software. Over 500,000 customers.

WebWatcher Cons

No local reporting. All logs are only viewable on their servers. If you do not log into your account every 30 days, logs will quit recording.

WebWatcher Features Review

WebWatcher Features Review

  • Keylogger – This is the best feature of WebWatcher as it’s 100% invisible. Anybody who uses your computer, even the computer experts won’t detect that it is actually running and recording data about their computer use. It does not appear in the Task Manager, the System Tray, the Registry or anywhere else. This is the reason why even law enforcement agencies are using this for their own computers.

WebWatcher Keystroke Recording

  • Website Blocking – You can block sites that are not appropriate to be viewed especially by kids. They can try to bypass these sites but Webwatcher monitoring software will not let them view these sites however they’d try.

WebWatcher Website Review

  • Program Blocking – If you don’t want your children or office workers to use certain programs in your computer then you can use this feature. For example, there are games installed in the computer that you want to be blocked from use at certain time of the day then it will block every execution. When the schedule for blocking the program is over, they can start using it. This is perfect for offices where employees are allowed to play games during their breaks but not while they are paid to do their jobs.

WebWatcher Programs

  • Remote Control of Laptops or PCs – You don’t need to be in front of your computer to use it. As long as you have good internet access then you can log in and connect to your computer to access files that are kept in your computer.
  • Used for Multiple Computers – One copy of WebWatcher can be used to as many computers as you want.
  • Email and Chat Message Monitoring – You can read the emails sent and received as well as the chat messages of the user using the computer being monitored.

WebWatcher IM Chat Logging

  • Screenshots – WebWatcher monitoring software will take random screenshots of the screen so you can get an idea of what the user is doing in a much clearer way. Videos can also be recorded.
  • Alert Words Alert – Ever wonder if your kids are using those “forbidden” words while they are browsing or chatting over the internet? Now with WebWatcher you can easily detect if these alert words are being used. Whether they typed it in a chat message or in a social networking site or perhaps browsing to find out its meaning using a search engine, you’d know. You will be notified straight away and you’ll get screenshots and further information as to why these words are used. You would also know if these words are used in response to the user like in a chat message. You will know who sent the message to your computer’s user. This is very important especially for children. Now you will know if your child is getting attacked by filling their heads with words that are not supposed to be used especially for their young age. This is an essential tool for child protection.
  • Excellent Reporting Tools – We were impressed with the WebWatcher reporting tools. Take a look at what ships with the package:

WebWatcher Reports

There are more features for WebWatcher monitoring software that guarantees you get excellent spy experience for protection and to keep employees working during office hours.

For PC users, you will enjoy the following features and much more.

WebWatcher PC Features

WebWatcher Uses Review

There are many possible uses for WebWatcher monitoring software. First off, is as a parenting tool to help parents keep their children safe from the harm that the internet can do to their kids especially with regards to online predators.

WebWatcher is a great tool for a wife to guard what her husband is doing while on the computer.

WebWatcher monitoring software is excellent for those who want to take control of their computer at home when they are away.

It’s great to detect who uses your computer at certain times when you’re not at home and what they are doing while using it.

This monitoring software is excellent for business and offices that needs to keep the computer use strictly for work reasons only and not for social networking, chatting or playing games. After all, they are paid per hour to do their job and not to play games.

Use of monitoring software requires that you own the computer you are monitoring per WebWatcher Terms of Service “Other Terms and Conditions of Use” clause.

WebWatcher Compatibility Review

WebWatcher Compatibility

As you can see from the screenshot above from their website, WebWatcher offers their products across most of the platforms that are popular today. Regardless of the platform you choose to use, the pricing appears to be the same. Whether you use Windows, Mac, Android, Blackberry or iPhone, WebWatcher has you covered.

WebWatcher Technical Support Review

The WebWatcher technical support is available 24/7. You can call them or simply send them a chat message and they’ll answer your questions the quickest time possible. Chatting with a technical support personnel is easy. Just go to their website, find the chat box for customer support, type in your question and wait for the reply. This service is free. You can even ask questions before you make a purchase of their software.

During our review, we found live chat available, even at 2:30AM, toll-free telephone support, international phone support and direct email addresses you can use to get help.

Why Choose WebWatcher?

Because it’s a great monitoring software. It had received numerous awards and it guarantees your ultimate satisfaction or else you’ll get your money back. The software is also easy to use and install. Install it and you can use it almost immediately. No need to read through a manual to learn how to operate it.

WebWatcher monitoring software is worth buying. When you have it on your computer, rest assured that nothing can slip through your control in order to keep your family safe and your business efficient.