Codero Public Cloud Hosting Feature Review

Codero Cloud Hosting Review

In this review, we focus on Codero’s Public Cloud plans which, according to their sales support, is the closest plan they have for those looking for a virtual private server. They offer Linux cloud hosting and Windows cloud hosting services with varied pricing during your signup and activation of cloud hosting service.

Codero Cloud Pros

Provides “billing by the hour” based on the plan and package you choose. Offers both Linux and Windows hosting in the cloud.

Codero Cloud Cons

Pricing for their Public and Private Cloud services are somewhat hidden. You’ll find pricing on the right sidebar listed as “Public Cloud Pricing,” however, this page doesn’t include any enhancements or add-ons that may be offered once you sign up. Free signup requires a credit card.

Codero Cloud Hosting Feature Review

Codero Cloud Hosting Feature Review

Codero’s cloud hosting service offers a full suite of features including instant and easy scalability to enhanced plans, operating system choice, guaranteed CPU performance, RAID10 hard disk performance, rapid provisioning (available quick for use) and a unique system that bills you by the hour.

This service is recommended for those that are looking for an environment that allows dynamic variable availability for peak usage times, scalable web applications or SAAS apps, a testing and development server, high traffic applications and websites and more. Each plan comes with a 100% uptime guarantee, 24/7 support, SSAE 16 data centers, a price match guarantee, customer loyalty awards and a signup process that requires no long-term contracts to join.

Codero currently offers a 3 months free promotion on their site. You should note that this provides you with a credit of $21 that will be applied to your account upon signup which provides you with a single 512MB RAM instance at no cost for 3 months. All addons and additional services will cost extra and requires payment.

Public Cloud Packages

In our research, we were able to find their pricing which is found below for all plans they offer in their Public Cloud service. Below, we’ll start with their Linux Cloud Hosting service pricing:

Codero Linux Public Cloud Pricing

As you can see, they offer 7 plans to choose from that vary in price for $7/mo to $371/mo if you pay monthly and claim their 15% discount. For the visual impaired, the 3 most subscribed plans are listed below:

  • 512MB Plan – 512MB RAM, 1TB outgoing bandwidth, 1 CPU core, 20GB disk space for $0.01 per hour or $7 monthly.
  • 1GB Plan – 1GB RAM, 2TB outgoing bandwidth, 1 CPU core, 40GB disk space for $0.0210 per hour or $14 monthly.
  • 2GB Plan – 2GB RAM, 3TB outgoing bandwidth, 2 CPU cores, 80GB disk space for $0.0420 per hour or $27 monthly.

Windows Cloud Hosting Pricing

Clodero Windows Cloud Hosting Pricing

As expected, if you need Windows Hosting, you’ll pay much more than Linux due to the Microsoft Windows licensing overhead. They currently offer 6 Windows public cloud plans that range in price from $30/mo to $387/mo. We’ve listed their most popular plans below for the visually impaired:

  • 1GB Plan – 1GB RAM, 2TB outgoing bandwidth, 1 CPU core, 40GB disk space for $0.0429 per hour or $30 monthly.
  • 2GB Plan – 2GB RAM, 3TB outgoing bandwidth, 2 CPU cores, 80GB disk space for $0.0639 per hour or $43 monthly.
  • 4GB Plan – 4GB RAM, 4TB outgoing bandwidth, 2 CPU cores, 128GB disk space for $0.0977 per hour or $65 monthly.

Unfortunately, exact pricing you will pay for any add-ons they offer for either Linux or Windows after signing up weren’t able to be reviewed because the free account signup they offer requires a credit card. Please leave us a review at the bottom to let us know their current add-ons they promote after joining.

Codero Hardware Review

Codero offers and uses three data centers, one in Phoenix Arizona, one in Dallas Texas and one in Ashburn Virginia. For their public cloud hosting, your site(s) will be hosted from their Phoenix, Arizona data center with no options to choose their other 2 DCs. To Codero, “cloud hosting” means redundancy within the one data center and does not offer a full “cloud” solution with pages served from multiple locations that optimize page loading times for your customers.

This Phoenix data center includes a 10 Gig backbone with multiple redundant carriers, a full generator power backup, PCI compliancy and is SSAE No. 16 SOC 1 certified.

Actual server specifications were not found on their website other than they use multiple brand-name hardware platforms that accommodate various types of workloads and environments.

Codero Customer Support Review

Codero Customer Support Keri Dec 27th 2014As you can see to the left, we tested their live chat to get answers regarding their cloud hosting service specifically. We found the initial response time instant with responses to our question within 30 seconds.

Regarding self-help, we reviewed what they offer and report our findings below.

Knowledge Base – Specific to their cloud hosting, this section only provides assistance with 16 topics. The liklihood of finding answers to your questions with your plan is slim based on our review of this area.

Live Chat – After clicking “Chat Now” on their website, you will be automatically directed to a live chat support agent. You won’t need to provide your name, email, topic/department, or reason for your ticket. You’ll go straight to a representative who, in our test, responded very quickly.

Ticket System – Their ticket system directs you to a separate server portal website that will ask you for your username and password to get assistance. Pre-sales questions are not available via this method.

Phone Support – Codero offers a toll-free telephone number to call and is available 24/7/365. An international number and Skype calling option are both available as well.

Social Media – We checked their Twitter account and couldn’t find any recent instance of customer questions being answered. From what we’ve reviewed from their Facebook and Google+ accounts, Codero uses their social media for update announcements, company messages and promotions.