GreenGeeks Shared Website Hosting 2024 - Great or Bad?

GreenGeeks Review

With over 40 years experience, the management team of GreenGeeks is able to provide us with the high quality and inexpensive web hosting. They are the number 1 green energy web hosting provider in the world. That’s a great thing considering our planet is in bad shape from all the greenhouse gases emitted from our and the previous generations that results in global warming.

It is 300% green. How can a company be 300% green? Well, that’s when you contribute three-folds in positive energy footprint as what you are actually using. With GreenGeeks replaces 3x the power they consume with wind power. For those who don’t want to add to the pollutants but want to have a negative carbon footprint for web hosting then this is your chance. As you may know, web hosting servers consume more power than power plants as based on the studies from 2005. If this keeps up, by year 2020 the web hosting industry will already be a giant pollutant just like the airline industry. Let’s not wait for this to happen and switch now to green energy web hosting solutions.

GreenGeeks Pros

GreenGeeks is a green web hosting provider that includes an auto installer of 150+ free applications, 24 / 7 / 365 North American customer support, and 300% green hosting through wind energy credits.

GreenGeeks Cons

We’d like to see GreenGeeks offer a customer discussion forum and a public network status page. The $3.96 pricing offer requires a 3 year commitment.

GreenGeeks Shared Hosting Features

GreenGeeks Hosting Features

GreenGeeks Web hosting is yours for just $3.96 a month. This is with a 30 day money back guarantee, with 99.9% uptime, unlimited bandwidth and disk space, you get a free site builder and an auto installer with over 150 apps for FREE. They are run on Linux and also equipped with e-Commerce Features such as the SSL Secure Server and 3 shopping carts to choose from (OS Commerce, Agora and Zencart).

Pricing are as follows:

  • Monthly: $9.95/mo + $15 setup fee
  • Yearly: $6.36/mo free setup
  • 2 Years: $5.56/mo free setup
  • 3 Years: $3.96/mo free setup

Other Hosting Packages

Reseller Hosting – They have the Seed, Sprout, Plant, Tree and Forest plans- perfect names to promote green. For seed plan they are for $19.95 a month but the first month can be yours for just 1c. Sprout is at $24.95 a month, Plant at $39.95, Tree at $59.95 and Forest for $99.95.

As for VPS, you can get a 512 MB VPS for $39.95, 768MB for $49.95, 1024MB for $79.95, 1536 MB for $89.95 and 2048 MB for just $99.95 a month.

With dedicated server hosting, they are offering it but it’s on a case to case basis. You need to contact their sales team first before they can decide if this type of hosting from them is the best one for you. It depends on your case and what you need for your dedicated server hosting.

Customer Support

For GreenGeeks, customer support is very important. They have different support methods to help you find the answers to your questions. First, they have the knowledge Base & FAQs that hopefully will give you the answers from the most asked questions. If not, they have video tutorials that will be your step by step guide to help you with the tools you can find with their service.

Livechat support is available all the time. Just click through the chat interface on their website and immediately be able to chat with one of their support technicians. Email support is another way to get assistance, just email them through the right department such as support, sales, billing and affiliates. Phone support & sales are also available with their toll-free number 1-877-326-7483. Just make sure to call from 9AM to 12MN EST on weekdays and from 9AM to 8PM EST on weekends.

What’s great about the tech support team of GreenGeeks is that they make sure they give you the most accurate answer and they respond quickly. You don’t need to wait on queue and get generic answers. Their tech support team are really knowledgeable and they ask the right questions to target what is exactly the problem and they help you find the solution.

Price Value

If helping to the world’s plight by going green is not enough reason why GreenGeeks web hosting is the right choice no matter how much it will cost then you must know that the hosting plans they have are actually priced reasonably. Excellent price value for the features you are getting with many of these features set as unlimited.

GreenGeeks web hosting was even priced lower. It used to be at $6.95 a month and they dropped it to $4.95. That’s a big drop which is also an excellent marketing strategy to let people who are still in a non-green web hosting to make the switch. Once they tried their web hosting, they can choose to stick with it or not. Most likely, they’d stick with it. It gives you that great sense of accomplishment knowing that you are contributing to the wellness of our planet even in just a little effort from your part.

Marketing Promotions

Being green is the best marketing promotion tactics for GreenGeeks. Many web users are now aware that it’s time to make the switch to help the environment. There are many web hosting providers who are still making positive carbon footprint but the green hosts are now getting a lot of clients already. By promoting this awareness, GreenGeeks is making the right move and is one step ahead of many competitors.

Ease of Use & Quality

GreenGeeks web hosting is quite easy to use and great even for beginners. You don’t need to spend hours making your own scripts as they have a great number of free scripts for you to use. You can get their free scripts from Bulletin Boards, PHP Nuke, WordPress, Guestbooks, Joomla, PHP, Perl and much more. You can even ask for assistance when you’re having problem with these free scripts.