HostRocket Website Hosting Review 2024 - Good / Bad?

HostRocket Review

HostRocket is based in Clifton Park, New York. They started to be in business back in 1999 and it’s manned by individuals who are committed in giving a remarkable type of service. They only employ the best people in this kind of industry to give nothing but the best to their customers.

With around 50,000 customers around the world handling top websites, they continue to grow in number. They also offer reseller hosting so they also have customers who sell their own hosting plans while they are being hosted by HostRocket. With that in mind, HostRocket is hosting unaccountable numbers of customers through reselling.

HostRocket Pros

HostRocket offers a good website builder and includes access to quickly install well over 250 free applications. They include an upgrade path from regular hosting through dedicated servers if needed.

HostRocket Cons

HostRocket charges for setup of your web hosting account unless you pay for their annual plan. We also find their customer support section extremely lacking on features customer expect which may mean more customer support requests are needed to find answers. Pricing leans towards the expensive end of the spectrum.

Web Hosting Packages Review

HostRocket is offering their website hosting as well as reseller cloud hosting and dedicated hosting.

HostRocket Plans

Their shared website Hosting plans is monthly, semi-annual, annual and biennial plans. The lowest price is for biennial which is just at $5.99 a month. For their website hosting plans you are getting unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email accounts and websites. You are also entitled for their 24/7 technical support. For those availing the annual and biennial plans you will get a free setup and the annual plan entitles you to 3 months free service while biennial gives you 6 months free. You can get this type of hosting for personal or business websites. You can host as many websites as you want in just this one account so it’s indeed a great value.

For $2 a month you can already get your own dedicated IP address. Other add-on services you can get is remote back-up at just $5 per backup, domain transfers worth $20, domain registrations at $20 a year and SSL certificates 128bit at $119 for 2 years.

HostRocket Reseller Cloud Hosting is offered per block. 1 block gives you 3GHz processor speed, 3Gb RAM, 40Gb RAId storage, 500Gb bandwidth and priced at $39.95. Their trial coupon entitles you to get the 1 block at only $9.95 for 1 month. cPanel license at $14.95 a month.

Dedicated server hosting are priced depending on the server. $39.99 a month for Intel Celeron, $69.99 a month for AMD Dual Core 64, $195.99 a month for Intel E3-1230 8-CORE and $255.99 for INTEL E5620 8-CORE. Dedicated servers are for the most serious web designers with high demand websites.

Customer Support Review

Every customer is entitled to 24/7 customer support. It doesn’t matter whether your question needs an expert answer or you are simply clueless as to what to do next because of lack of knowledge and experience. They have a team of experts that are willing to help you out.

They have phone support that is available 24/7. You can also submit a ticket for their team to answer as soon as they can. You can access their knowledgebase to search through their Frequently Asked Questions to see if your question had already been answered. This will save you and their team of experts a lot of time.

Price Value Review

HostRocket web hosting plans are not the cheapest around. Theirs is an all in one package where both small site owners and large site owners can get. This is a great value for business websites but may be a costly option if you don’t have much demand from a web host especially if you only plan on hosting 1 personal blog or website.

For those with multiple websites or a site with a large demand and a big number of visitors can surely take advantage of their shared web hosting plan.

Ease of Use & Quality

HostRocket Features

RVSiteBuilder makes website building a breeze. With this on hand, you can create your website with all the features you want to add with just a few clicks. With a large library of templates available and other additional scripts, you can just choose what you want and add it to your site. They also have easy installation on any type of application such as Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, WordPress, Pixie, Dolphin, Jcow and many others. Everything’s made quick and easy.