NetFirms Website Shared Hosting Review 2024 - Good? Bad?

NetFirms Hosting Review

NetFirms now powers over 1,200,000 websites worldwide. NetFirms, as a whole, doesn’t just offer web hosting but they also offer domain name search & registration, e-mail hosting, e-marketing services and more.

NetFirms Pros

NetFirms has a great marketing package including $175 in free ad credits including $100 for Google Adwords, $50 for Facebook Ads, and $25 for Yahoo/Bing Ads. They also offer a free domain and will host unlimited websites under one economical plan.

NetFirms Cons

The biggest problem that NetFirms faces is customer satisfaction. Based on our research, many of their customers are leaving negative reviews. How has your experience been? Let us know below.

Web Hosting Packages Review

Netfirms Plans

They have three web hosting packages you can choose from, the plus plan, advantage and the business plan. The lowest priced plan they have is The Plus Plan and it’s the ideal web hosting plan for those who just want to put up their own personal site with low demand. For a 2 year plan under this type of package you can get it at their lowest price of only $3.49 a month. With this plan you already get unlimited bandwidth and disk space which other similar priced plans from other web hosting companies can’t offer. You will also get 1 free domain and you can start working on your site right away. Their ready to go websites make it so much easier to put up your website and get it to go online right away. They are proud to say that you can even build your website from scratch and it’s good to go in under 11 minutes. Another changing element of this plan is this package only includes 5 MySQL databases.

The Advantage Plan is priced at $7.99 a month and it’s the perfect plan for those who want to establish an online presence for their businesses or companies without paying too much for their web host. At this price you can do so much with your sites. You will also get unlimited diskspace and bandwidth plus you’d get 2 free domains. With the Advantage plan you will get 200 MySQL databases, a massive increase from 5 databases from the cheapest plan. You will also get double the number of FTP accounts with the NetFirms Advantage web hosting plan.

The Business Plan is $10.99 a month and it’s the best choice who wants even more for their sites. If your site has a big demand and you expect it to get even bigger in the coming months then you don’t need to look any further. This is the plan you’d want so you no longer have to worry about switching to an even bigger plan the next time your site is already getting huge traffic. You will get 5 free domains, unlimited diskspace and bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases, and so much more. This means that you are no longer limited and can expand your business the way you want it to. Also great for e-Commerce as they are not just reliable but they are also 100% secure.

Ease of Use & Quality

Based on reviews we’ve seen from many other resources online including Yelp, there has been a lot of complaints regarding the quality of NetFirms. However, based on our analysis, many of the complaints are from 2013 and things were calmer in 2014 and this trend will likely continue into 2015. It is important to note that many of the complaints we saw were from customers that used NetFirms for longer than 5 years who experienced many issues in the middle of 2013.

Part of the problem seams to come from the purchase of NetFirms by web hosting conglomerate Endurance International Group. Indeed, we saw some shakiness with this company in 2013 but things seem to be getting under control as time goes on. How has your experience with NetFirms been? Let us know below.