Create a Website With Strikingly Website Builder - A Review

Strikingly Review

It is important to understand that Strikingly is not a standard web hosting platform. This service is offered here as an option for those that want to create a simple 1-page website and have Strikingly help them create the site with a template and host that page on their servers.

Introducing Strikingly, the website creation platform that creates stunning single-page websites with navigational elements that guide the visitor through that single page with all of your content.

Strikingly Pros

Strikingly is free to try. You can create a single-page website and have that page hosted on a subdomain of Extremely beautiful single-page full-content websites can be created with their system.

Strikingly Cons

Your website is locked in with Strikingly because you are using their templates on their web hosting platform. The simplicity also means your site is locked into your chosen template with no way to create additional pages for content. Branding is placed in the footer of your website unless you upgrade to the most expensive plan.

Strikingly Pricing Review

Strikingly Pricing

Strikingly is free to try but doesn’t allow you to use your own domain name, it would be on a subdomain. However, we love this because you can try their system and see if it is right for you and your needs without paying a dime. If you love it, you can upgrade your account to their paid plans and have that free site you created placed on your domain name.

As you can see from the image above, Strikingly offers 3 plans to choose from. One is free to help you get started with the limited feature set. The other two premium plans are reviewed below.

Strikingly Limited Plan Pricing Review

They offer two choices here, you can either pre-pay for one year or pay monthly. Both have their pros and cons.

  • Yearly Prepay: $8 per month for a total price of $96 ($8 x 12 months) billed annually. This option includes a free domain name and 3 forwarding email addresses.
  • Monthly: $12 per month billed monthly.

Strikingly Pro Plan Pricing Review

Similar to the limited plan above, they offer the same two options.

  • Yearly Prepay: $16 per month for a total price of $192 ($16 x 12 months) billed annually. This option also the free domain and email forwarding.
  • Monthly: $20 per month billed monthly.

Customer Service Review

They currently offer a Knowledgebase to help their customers. This area includes tutorials on using their service, design help, a frequently asked questions area, external service integration assistance and much more. In total, they have just over 160 articles to help you on your way.

If this area doesn’t answer your question, you’ll notice that many of the guides and tutorials offer an email address you can use to contact support directly. Additionally, on the right they have a Contact support feature in the Knowledgebase area that gives you a popup box when clicked to submit your question which is used like this:

Striking Customer Support Submission

We recently posted a tweet about this review from our TopFiveAdvisor Twitter account and were surprised to see Strikingly saw our review (were didn’t @ mention them directly but used the #Strikingly hashtag) and they asked us about the problem we saw on their website. We’re impressed that they 1) Monitor their brand hashtag for feedback and 2) replied to us to see if the problem we saw is corrected. Great job support staff!


We believe in order for your site to be successful with traffic, you’ll need the Pro plan to allow social media sharing, mobile action buttons, enabled custom HTML code and more.  However, if you are looking for a great looking branding website for your business card, the Limited plan may be your perfect fit!

As for our value rating, we look at it two ways, one way, its an incredible value when using the FREE plan, however, we find $8/mo for a single-page website, no matter how awesome it looks, to be quite expensive. We also feel the Srikingly branding should be removed on all paid plans.