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Web Hosting Hub Review

Web Hosting Hub Silver Medal Award for Best Web Hosting by T5A
If you are contemplating developing a new website, or are searching for a new web hosting company, you might want to read this review for Web Hosting Hub very carefully. The firm started operations in 2001 as a high priced option in this industry. At that time they charged $6.95 a month for their basic hosting package.

After a few years of operations their management made a decision to reduce their fees to $3.99 a month through Top Five Advisor with their special limited time promotion, and attempt to maintain the quality of their products and services. They felt that if they were able to appreciably increase their user base, it would offset the reduction of their normal price.

Web Hosting Hub Pros

Extremely simple web hosting service offering in-house US customer support, advanced security, a premium website builder, 100% factory tested dell servers. and green data center technology.

Web Hosting Hub Cons

To get the $1.95/mo rate for 3 months and $3.99/mo remaining promotional rate, you must commit to 24 months prepayment.

The 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

The web hosting company Web Hosting Hub has witnessed phenomenal growth since the change in their pricing plans. In fact, they are so confident now that they offer a full 90 day no question asked money back guarantee. Most other firms in this industry only provide a pro-rated warranty of some kind.

We really like this guarantee, because it supplies you with the opportunity to try out the web hosting company before you are committed to staying with them for a year or two. It lets you have a chance to talk to their customer service personal, and determine how knowledgeable and helpful they are. In addition, you will have enough time to get your website up and running and review the speed and reliability of their servers.

Customer Support

There are a few factors which can make or break your web hosting experience, and customer service happens to be right at the very top of the list. If this is the first website that you are putting up, you will come to understand this point extremely well much quicker than you would have wanted to.

Web Hosting Hub provides 24/7 toll free with in-house US-based customer support. If you happen to live outside of America, you can use a VoIP service like Skype, to call them very cheaply and receive the same support.