Web.com Shared Web Hosting for Websites Review 2024

Web.com Hosting Review

Web.com is a full solution provider that offers domain registrations, website hosting, website design/building, eCommerce hosting, SEO, paid traffic marketing, SSL Certificates and so much more. Their shared hosting offer is what we’re reviewing in our shared hosting review site section below.

Currently, we’re unable to find an upgrade path after shared hosting.

Web.com Pros

Basically limitless disk space and bandwidth.

Web.com Problems

The price you see is not the price you’ll pay after just one month of use.

Web.com Hosting Plans Review

Web.com Hosting Plans

Web.com offers 3 hosting plans to choose from. Besides what is pictured, the main differences from each plan is the amount of MySQL Databases, FTP accounts, email boxes, directory pointers and disk space will be received. Based on our evaluation, most customers will be fine with the Essential hosting plan.

Essential Hosting Pricing Review

Yikes. This is the epitome of what we hate about the bait and switch approach to web hosting pricing. The advertised price you see all over their website? Yeah, that price is only available for a single month. We’re not kidding. We did a fake checkout (which requires you to register an account to even get to pricing) and found the following:

  • 1 Month: $5.95/mo however, renews at $12.95/mo afterwards.
  • 12 Months: $119.52/yr. That’s $9.96/mo.
  • 24 Months: $239.04/2 years. That’s still $9.96/mo.

How does this not upset and frustrate every single customer that decides to host through web.com?

How Has Your Experience Been With Their Web Hosting?

After going through the pricing, our review is at a full-stop. We want your help. If you have ordered web hosting form Web.com or currently use their service, how has it been for you? Is the service at the high quality you’d expect from $12.95/mo pricing?

We’re only looking for reviews based on their shared web hosting only. Let us know below!