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WebHostingBuzz Review

WebHostingBuzz is a fully-featured web hosting provider that offers everything from shared hosting to VPS Hosting to dedicated servers. This will allow your website to grow from a “pet project” to a fully scalable business. Below is our shared hosting review of this provider.

This company was founded in 2002 to bring affordable web hosting solutions when everything else was overpriced and service was less than remarkable. They currently host more than 250,000 websites at 4 different data centers on over 250 servers. Their data center locations used are in Atlanta, Georgia USA, Dallas, Texas USA, NYC/NJ USA, and Phoenix, Arizona USA.

In 2006, WebHostingBuzz credits themselves as the pioneer of carbon-neutral (green) web hosting. They continue to sponsor The Woodland Trust, a charity that focuses on reducing carbon levels via tree planting schemes, they use servers that reduce power consumption by 27%, they recycle 70% of office waste, utilize energy saving lighting and use Energy Star approved air conditioning in their facilities.

Besides all of this, they also have hosting specialized to specific needs such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal and Ecommerce web hosting if needed.

WebHostingBuzz Pros

They offer a better-than-standard no-questions-asked 45-day money back guarantee. Their pricing in their sales documentation matches what you’ll see at checkout.

WebHostingBuzz Cons

If you need to host more than 2 domains on your web hosting account, you will need to upgrade from the “Buzz Light” service to “Buzz Power” which includes unlimited domain hosting. No monthly payment option unless you pick their most expensive plan.

Web Hosting Plans Review

Web Hosting Buzz Plans

Editor’s Note: The above screenshot is edited to remove columns where the same features apply to all plans to bring you the features that change plan by plan. Actual text content is unaltered.

As you can see, they provide up-front pricing which is really nice to see. Not only do they give you the monthly price, they also conveniently provide the end-price you will see at checkout. Believe us when we say, this is very rare and we appreciate the extra effort in transparency.

Buzz Light – This plan offers a great way to introduce yourself to WebHostingBuzz. It provides you with the capability to host 2 websites, over 400GB space (you’ll likely only need 1GB or less) and is available in 12-month or 24-month prepay formats.

Buzz Power – This plan brings in unlimited everything. You can host unlimited websites with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. The price only jumps $2 per month.

Buzz Premier – This plan offers most of the business hosting features you’ll need if you want to run an Ecommerce website. If provides you with a free SSL, free dedicated IP address, Ruby on Rails support, legacy PHP support and security setting tweaks if needed. The pricing jumps $3 per month over Buzz Power but the features received are worth it if you need them. Buzz Premier is the only plan where they allow monthly billing with no advanced payment. Surprisingly, the monthly billing does not require a setup fee.

Customer Support Review

WebHostingBuzz Customer Support

As for customer support, WebHostingBuzz is taking it seriously because they know their customer support can either make or break them. No matter how amazing your web hosting packages may be, if the customer support is simply horrible, no one would want to stick around with you.

WebHostingBuzz has a comprehensive list of guides from their support area. From Hosting Guidelines, Tutorials, Installation Guides, Pre-Sales Questions and Useful Links, you can find them in just one page. Just click on what may interest you or where you want to learn more about and you’d get all the important information you’d need. If you have questions that are still unanswered from these links then you have many other options to get the answers.

WebHostingBuzz customer support has a live support system and a help desk to raise your questions and get expert answers. They also have forums and blogs where other clients can answer your questions for you. You surely wouldn’t be left not knowing what to do next and lose precious time figuring out how to fix the problem because they are always there to help you get back on track and keep your sites up.

WebHostingBuzz ForumsForums – They provide access to a community forum where members can ask for assistance and help others. We found the community was active within the week of this review and actively monitored by staff.

The very first forum thread we decided to look at, because it was recent and had activity, we discovered that the actual CEO of the company had replied to the request! This actually made me sit back in my chair in shock for a few seconds, amazing. We’re impressed Matt Russell! Way to go!

What can be improved: On their helpdesk (linked in footer), it goes to a page that looks empty. The Frequenlty Asked Questions section is empty but we found that is because they have a fully developed WIKI which has a FAQs section and much much more. They should add an entry there that links to the WIKI FAQ section or replace/remove this page all-together if possible.

Overall though, we’re impressed with their attention to customer support and help sections.

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