Press75 WordPress Themes Review - Are They Good or Bad?

Press75 WordPress Themes Review

If you’re a professional developer with a decent budget at your disposal, Press75 is a premium WordPress theme subscription service which may provide you with an excellent value in terms of high-quality themes. The company doesn’t have a lot of themes overall, however, which means that the cost per theme is high and may not be affordable to developers with smaller budgets. So whether or not you should go with Press75 will depend largely on how much money you have to spend on themes.

Press75 Pros

Press75 has some of the best, highest quality themes available for those looking for a professional simplistic design. Careful attention to detail was observed while reviewing their more recent themes.

Press75 Cons

Press75 doesn’t have the largest quantity of themes available due to their obvious focus on releasing the highest quality themes.

Company Information

Press75 was established in 2008 and is based in the US. The company has a PR of 6 and receives quite a bit of traffic. The only reason they are not more popular is probably because of their high cost per theme. The company has a 14-day money back guarantee. Not a lot of companies have guarantees like this, so this is another plus.

Licensing Terms

There are two different theme packages, the Essentials Theme Package and the Lifetime Theme Package. The Essentials Package is the less expensive option at $175.00. This package includes all current themes, all future themes released within the next year, a lifetime of theme updates, and 1-year support for all themes. You also receive theme documentation and unlimited site licenses for all themes. The Lifetime Theme Package gives you all current themes, but instead of receiving new themes and support for just one year, you receive lifetime support and new themes for the rest of your lifetime as well. All other benefits are the same, and additionally you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing 20 percent of your purchase is donated to charity. This package costs $375.00.

Theme Quality

The theme quality for Press75’s themes is perhaps the highest we’ve seen anywhere. Themes are divided into a number of categories: news & magazine, portfolio, audio, video, photo, business and commerce. Themes are simple and minimalist in design but include excellent fonts and typography and provide impressive visual impact.

Theme Options

Theme options vary for each theme, but generally speaking may include custom menu support, a theme options page, network installation support, widgets, optimization for different types of media, responsive design, and more. As usual you can control various elements such as headers, logos, colors, and so forth.

Overall Value

Support options seem to be fairly good for Press75; full documentation including video tutorials are readily accessible on site for each theme. An email/ticketing system is in place to help you to resolve issues you may be having. There is also a support forum for members. You can only access this section by purchasing a package. Really, the only major drawback for Press75 is the pricing. With the Essentials Theme Package, you are paying $10.94 per theme, which is quite high overall. With the Lifetime Theme Package, you’re paying $23.44 per theme, which is very high. Updates are released fairly rarely, only about 3-4 per year from what we can tell, which also reduces the value of the package if you don’t have the money to spend on it and you require access to a lot of themes.