WooThemes WordPress Themes Review - Are They Excellent

WooThemes WordPress Themes Review

WooThemes Silver Award for Best WordPress Theme by Top Five Advisor
WooThemes is a well-known premium WordPress subscription service that includes a huge number of high-quality themes at a very reasonable price. The themes are highly customizable, which adds even more value to their package. Despite some negative press earlier this year (which we’ll discuss in more detail below), WooThemes has a great reputation and thousands of happy members. They are among the best options that TopFiveAdvisor has reviewed this year for WordPress theme clubs.

WooThemes Company Information

The company behind WooThemes is based in South Africa and has a high PR on Google with plenty of traffic. In April of this year, WooThemes had a security vulnerability which garnered some negative press. Despite this being a major problem, WooThemes kept open communication with the public about the issue and had the vulnerability patched within a week. Their professional and swift handling of the issue actually lends them additional credence as a company worth dealing with. Their site appears to have experienced a little downtime recently but is now back up and running, and it does not appear to have disrupted their paid services at all.

WooThemes Pros

WooThemes uses custom framework that adds extra functionality along with well over 75 themes. They add at least 1 theme a month.

WooThemes Cons

Has had a major security vulnerability that went public near April 23rd, 2012. During this time, they kept an open communication on their blog and patched it within a week.

Licensing Terms

To get access to WooThemes’ material, you can sign up for the Standard Club Subscription or the Developer Club Subscription. The Standard Club Subscription includes a $125.00 startup fee and has monthly payments of $20.00. With this club you get access to 92 high-quality WordPress themes, one new theme every month, access to forums and tutorials for support, and regular updates on existing themes. You also have unlimited licensing to use the themes on concurrent domains. The Developer Club Subscription costs $200.00 to start and then $25.00 a month and includes everything that is in the standard package along with Photoshop files. The Photoshop PSD files make it easy and fast to adjust background images.

Theme Quality

The themes that are offered through WooThemes are ultra-high quality. Most have a clean, minimalist style with clear typeface and attention-grabbing arrangements of page elements. The themes are neatly categorized on the site so that you can easily find themes for any given application, be it for a business website, a magazine, multimedia or portfolio displays, WooCommerce or other use. There are 22 responsive themes available as well as a number of free themes.

Theme Options

Fully responsive design allows the themes you use to adjust instantly to all browser widths and resolutions so that your pages can easily open and display correctly on different monitors and devices including mobile devices. Layouts for home pages are flexible with many theme options and widgets which can easily be manipulated in order to draw attention to your content. You can add modules as needed to display information specific to your niche. You can also customize the typography and add custom widgets. Styling options allow you to change the colors on the background and the modules on your pages as well as set up background images and change the colors of links and buttons on your site. Each theme has different options, and different themes are ideal for different niches.

When you’re browsing through the options, you’ll find quick summaries on top of each theme page which let you know some of the special features and recommended applications for each of the themes. You can also click on the different options and features that are individually listed on the page to learn more about each and view screenshots that show you exactly what the theme is capable of and how you can make adjustments using the user interface provided by the framework. This is a great way to learn more about WooThemes before making your commitment.

Overall WooThemes Value

WooThemes comes with full customer support options including full documentation, tutorials (including video tutorials), a support forum, an email and ticketing system, social networking updates and an blog which provides additional updates. As mentioned previously, TopFiveAdvisor was impressed with the professionalism and timeliness the company displayed during the security vulnerability earlier in the year. How a company handles problems often tells you more about that company than anything else. The company made great use of its blog to communicate with concerned customers and to explain what was being done to remedy the situation. The situation was quickly resolved and customers were protected by WooThemes’ swift action.

Check out the WooThemes Playground! This is a feature that allows you to demo the premium themes online and learn your way around the intuitive custom options panel. The demo is active for 14 days after you sign up, so choose a couple of weeks when you aren’t busy. After that the demo expires and you need to sign up again. This is a great way to find out not only if the themes are right for you, but also whether you like the user interface.

With their custom framework, WooThemes is able to provide extra functionality to well over 75 paid themes, and with their regular updates, this is a dependable and reliable company. WooThemes is a solid premium WordPress theme subscription service which pleases thousands.