WPZoom WordPress Themes Review - Are They Good or Bad?

WPZoom WordPress Themes Review

WPZoom is a premium WordPress theme subscription service providing professional themes in four tiers of pricing for commercial and private use. WPZoom continuously releases new monthly themes and theme upgrades, but may be a little expensive for some developers. This is a pretty good service, but whether it’s the best for you will probably depend on your budget and needs. There are other great services out there which cost less, but this is still a good choice.

WPZoom Pros

Continually releasing new theme and theme upgrades on a monthly basis.

WPZoom Cons

The startup fee associated with this service is rebilled if you cancel your monthly subscription.

Company Information

WPZoom is a company based in Moldova. They have a high PR and get a lot of traffic, and they’ve also been around for a while (since 2008). This makes them one of the older companies we’ve reviewed, so they do have a lot of experience releasing professional quality WordPress themes.

Licensing Terms

Pricing is a little complicated, though outlined clearly on the website. There are four different packages. There are the Standard and Developer Themes (which are presumably just a way to purchase a single theme, though you get a couple of bonus themes free), which each cost a one time fee of $69 and $149 respectively. The packages you’re most likely interested in are the Standard Membership and Developer Membership. These are the two packages which give you access to the 40+ themes the company has developed and unlimited domain use for all of them. You receive access to the support forum, new themes, free theme updates, documentation and tutorials with both packages. You only get the Photoshop layered files with the Developer Membership. The Standard package costs $9.00/month with a $199.00 startup fee, while the Developer Membership costs $19.00/month with a $299.00 sign-up fee.

Theme Quality

The themes are high in quality (though there are better out there) and are neatly organized into categories which include Business, Magazine/News, Portfolio, Multimedia and Free. The themes are on the whole pretty simplistic in appearance but clean and professional. They are not the most eye-catching, but neither are they completely minimalistic. Most themes will be applicable to a very wide range of projects. So you’ll find many different options right off the top for your project, and then you can further customize the option you choose until you have a unique site.

Theme Options

In terms of options, you have a the WPZoom Options Panel, which allows you to make modifications to the style without knowing code. Other features of themes include custom menu management, threaded comments support, custom widgets, custom page templates, custom logo input, automatic image resizing, custom banners and more. There seem to be a lot of theme options available, and it’s easy to see how the Zoom Framework works from the screenshots on the site.

Overall Value of WPZoom

Customer support is top notch with WPZoom; you get access to full documentation including video tutorials, and there is a support forum and an email/ticketing system which you can use to get answers to your questions and interact with the administrators and community members. An updates blog and social networking features give you updates on the service. Updates are released regularly, about once a month. The themes are highly customizable and will work for many different endeavors, and are great for professional websites for businesses and personal use.

The only real negative if that if you cancel your subscription and then reapply in the future, you’ll have to pay the startup fee again.