InMotion Hosting VPS Coupon - Over 66% Off Triple Discount

InMotion Hosting VPS Coupon

The Virtual Private Server plans made available by InMotion Hosting is one of the biggest sellers of all VPS plan deals that we offer here at Top Five Advisor. The reason their VPS plans are the most popular is because of the generous RAM and disk space offered on even their cheapest VPS plan available.

As an example, InMotion’s VPS-1000S plan includes 4GB RAM, 2TB (2,000GB) disk space on SSD, a free cPanel license and it allows you to host unlimited websites until you max out your VPS plan’s resources. Top all this off with a free setup, no hidden fees and our exclusive InMotion Hosting VPS coupon and you’ve got yourself the ultimate winner that comes highly recommended by Top Five Advisor and our readers.

For more details about their plans, we encourage you to read our InMotion Hosting VPS review.

Triple Discount IMH VPS Offer!

Using our button below, you will gain access to an exclusive triple discount coupon to save big with your InMotion Hosting VPS order. You will save over 66% off your first month at a rate of $14.99 and then you'll save over 33% off their normal VPS rate for the other 11 months on your 12 month plan at $29.99. Includes free setup and a free domain name registration

How to Use Your InMotion Hosting VPS Coupon

Hi there! This is Scott Buehler writing this guide that will teach you the full ordering process to claiming your InMotion Hosting VPS discount including a full walk-through of the ordering process and our team’s recommendations. There’s several choices that you will face during the ordering process which I will gladly help you through to make your order as quick and easy as possible.

1) Click the Activate Coupon Button Above

The Top Five Advisor offer is a legitimate coupon that must be activated in order to claim your massive discount. If you skip our site and go to their website directly, the discount will not be available. Once you click the orange button above, your VPS discount will open in a new browser tab in your browser so that you can continue to follow along here and complete the order process in the other tab.

2) Choosing Your InMotion Hosting VPS Plan

Now that you’ve clicked, you should see something exactly like or very similar to what I am showing below. It’s important to note that this is a screenshot and nothing is clickable.

InMotion Hosting VPS Coupon

Above is what you should see with similar amounts. If you don’t, please contact me and I’ll contact InMotion Hosting about this VPS coupon and update this page accordingly. I’ve highlighted the VPS plan I recommend for most users. The reason I recommend this package is because it offers the biggest InMotion Hosting VPS discount at 66% off your first month and offers plenty of resources that most will need.

When should I choose the VPS-2000S or VPS-3000S? If you have an existing site or many sites you are moving to your new IMH VPS, check to see how much space you are using combined. If it is more than 60GB, you can get the 130GB or 200GB plan accordingly. If you run a high traffic website that uses a lot of memory, you may need to upgrade to the 6GB or 8GB RAM plans.

Either way, if you order the VPS-1000S and decide to upgrade later, all you need to do is submit a support request and their helpful staff will tell you the difference in price and they will even recommend the right plan based on your current usage if requested.

3) Click “Order Now” on Your Selected Package

Your Progress So Far!! - 25% Complete

After clicking the “Order Now” button, it will take you to the following page with 9 choices to choose from:

InMotion Hosting VPS Plans

I recommend selecting the 12 months – $14.99 (first Mo) option. This will allow you to maximize your long term savings over the full year.

Once selected, click the Continue button on the bottom right of the page.

4) Domain Name Options

Choosing Your Domain Name - 50% Complete
Pro Tip: Our InMotion Hosting VPS coupon includes a hidden FREE DOMAIN REGISTRATION on your domain name purchase (if you don’t already have one).

On the Step 2 of 4 page, you will see the plan you have selected along with a screen showing you your domain name options.

As we told you in our note box above, even though it says a new domain name will cost $14.99 for one year, your domain will actually be free on the final page of the checkout process. Again, this will only work if you’ve clicked our InMotion Hosting VPS coupon button above which activates this discount.

Try the domain name you’d like to register to see if it is available and proceed once you find a domain you love, or, select the I already own this domain option and enter your previously registered domain name then click Continue.

5) Step 3 of 4 is Extremely Simple.

This page confirms that your domain name is available for purchase or confirms your domain name transfer.

All you need to do is click the Continue button here.

6) Complete Your Purchase

You're On The Final Page! - 75% Completed

On the final page, the first thing you will see is Max Speed Zone with the option of East, West or Not Sure. If you and your customers reside closer to the US East Coast, then select East. Otherwise, you can choose West to have your side respond slightly quicker to those on the US West Coast. Either option is good and the choice is completely up to you.

Next, enter your address, phone and email information.

Referred By: Scott Buehler. You can skip this field but I would appreciate it if you entered my name to help InMotion Hosting track who is sending them sales.

InMotion Hosting VPS Ordering Options

Domain Privacy: You can sign up to InMotion Hosting with a non-primary email address to help protect your primary email address from WHOIS spam. For most, you’ll save $9.99/yr if you select No Thanks.

Managed Hosting: This allows you to order additional support for your VPS plan if needed. For most, leave this as No Thanks because most of the problems you may run into are covered under their traditional free technical support. After all, they want to keep you as a happy customer and I’ve found they will bend over backwards to help you through most problems.

Under Payment Information, enter your credit card information and here’s where you will see that the domain name is reduced to First Year Free.

Your total charge should be $344.88 or extremely close to this amount. That’s $29.99/mo x 11 months and $14.99/mo for the first month. The average price you will pay per month is $28.74. Believe me, you will be hard-pressed to find a 4GB RAM VPS with 60GB space with an included full cPanel license for anywhere near this price!

As a comparison, most VPS companies will charge you for the cPanel license, will charge for anything more than 1GB RAM and they typically start their plans at around 20GB space.

Click the Purchase Account button to complete your order!

You're Finished - Hope I Made It Easy For You!!

InMotion Hosting VPS Coupon Claimed

Congratulations! Wait a few minutes for InMotion Hosting to send you the details of your order in email. They will also send you important information on your new web hosting account including a username and password to access to your VPS Account Management Panel (AMP).

If you need any help with your new account or hung up on something, please feel free to use the contact link on the upper right of this page. I will be more than happy to help you with any suggestions or advice you need.

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