EasySpace Shared Website Hosting Review - Good or Bad?

EasySpace Review

EasySpace is a UK web hosting company that offers the gambit of web hosting services for almost any website I could imagine. Their hosting plans include shared web hosting, VPS hosting, Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting, Ecommerce hosting and many more upgrades past that.

Part of EasySpace’s flagship services is the EasySiteLive service that allows you to build a professional looking website right from their website builder service. This would require little to no HTML knowledge and allows you to click and drag your way to your first website. This service provides interactive widgets such as Google Maps, photo galleries, social media integration and more.

If you choose to use the website builder, you can expect to pay a minimum of $15.98 per month. They also have other options like a Professional Online Shop for $23.98. In our opinion though, you’ll likely save a lot of money by using WordPress for your website (1,000s of themes available including premium themes from the Genesis framework). If you need an online shop, check out our eCommerce Shopping Carts Review.

EasySpace Pros

EasySpace is a great solution for those in the UK that want hosting based from their area. They offer a great upgrade path and many options to choose from.

EasySpace Issues

The Pic N Mix system, although a nice feature, is essentially useless when you compare pricing to their StarterPlus package. If you add just one database, you’re better off just going with the starter instead.


EasySpace Pricing

One of my favorite things with EasySpace is the fact that they have a “Pic N Mix” solution that allows you to choose the features you want, specific to your needs for your current or future website. Here’s an example of what this picker looks like:

EasySpace Picker

As you can see, you can select how many email accounts, how much disk space and how many databases you want with your hosting plan. As you pick and choose, the price adjusts accordingly.

Of course, looking at this solution, you have to understand that the Billing Period that they offer starts at one year. Therefore, simply adding a single database to your hosting will skyrocket what you pay by $38.40 at the time of this review. Personally, I think $3.20/month for a single database is quite costly.


Our section above has a * next to the pricing because of the Pic N Mix system. If you make the smallest of changes on that system, you’d almost always better off going with the StartPlus web hosting package. In our review, the $6.38 per month usually wins over the Pic N Mix, especially if you need a database (any content management system, forum, shopping cart or other software almost always needs a database configured to work).

Customer Support

The problem I have with the EasySpace customer support, at least as an American customer, is the fact the US-based section lists UK-based technical support telephone numbers. They also aren’t showing me live chat options on the various screens I’ve visited which would leave me, as their customer, only a ticket system to get support.

The one thing I would immediately correct is allowing non-UK buyers a way to call in with a toll-free solution and use call-forwarding to accept the calls. This would allow their customers an easier way to get in touch with them, especially if an emergency situation came up.

If you have an experience with EasySpace, we’d love to hear about it! Leave a review below and rate EasySpace.