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JustHost Review

JustHost Easy InstallerJustHost is the web hosting provider that gives you the best bang for the buck. Those new to creating an online visibility would surely enjoy the hosting plans and services offered by this web hosting company. At just a small budget you can start setting up your site and it will be up and running in no time.

It’s not easy to find a cheap web hosting package that can actually deliver. There are many who compete on dropping their prices but customers also get what they paid for. Because these hosting packages are so cheap, the features are sacrificed and customers end up realizing that they actually just wasted their money instead of getting a great deal. This is not the case with JustHost as they make sure they combine cheap packages with great features and awesome services.

JustHost Prositives

JustHost offers an unlimited everything plan with an excellent introductory price that most will find enticing. They offer $100 in Google Adwords and $25 in Bing/Yahoo advertising credits.

JustHost Negatives

JustHost doesn’t offer a customer discussion forum, a public access network status page, and do not appear to be involved with social networking.

Web Hosting Packages Review

For web hosting, JustHost offers a single “include everything” plan for their heavily discounted rate. They also give you a free site builder which is helpful for those who are still starting up their websites and don’t have the technical expertise to do it completely on their own. It’s also packed with all the CGI and databases features such as the MySQL databases, PHP 5, Perl 5, Shockwave support, 1-click script installer by SimpleScripts and many others. It also lets you add audio or video streams with its multimedia features. Online shops can also take advantage of this web hosting plan because of its e-commerce features with 4 choices of shopping carts.

JustHost Advertising

With each web hosting plan, you’ll receive $50 in free Facebook credits, $100 in Google Adwords credits and $50 in free Bing/ Yahoo credits to help your website get a quick boost in traffic.

For those that need more power to their website, be sure to check out the VPS Hosting offer which gives you better control of the resources that power your website.

Actual Pricing Review

Here at TopFiveAdvisor, we like to provide you with the actual pricing you can expect to pay when joining hosting companies. Here’s how JustHost’s pricing structure is setup:

  • 1 Month: $11.99/mo
  • 3 Months: $8.95/mo
  • 6 Months: $7.95/mo
  • 12 Months: $3.50/mo
  • 36 Months: $2.75/mo

Customer Support Review

JustHost has a helpdesk where you can find information about how to setup especially for their new customers. Their knowledgebase has a lot of questions that are already answered so most questions need not be raised to a technical support representative because they have already been answered.

If you prefer to learn more about how to use their web hosting, they have plenty of video tutorials that will make it much easier for you to understand how it works. It’s a guide that lets you see through a video what exactly you have to execute and what is your expected outcome and so on. It makes it very easy even for those without any experience in setting up or handling their own website either for personal use or for business purposes.

If that’s not enough and you still need the help of their technical support personnel then you can open a ticket. Give as much information as possible so they would know exactly what the problem is that you are in need of assistance. Just go to their website and click on open a ticket from their helpdesk section. Type in your email address as to where they can send you their reply. Type in your questions and if you have a file to attach then your message. They will get back at you at the quickest time.

Ease of Use & Quality Review

Because JustHost Web Hosting is designed especially for small to medium websites and to the new web designers, it was created to be very easy to use. From the ordering form, free scripts, easy to use control panel, up to their customer support. You won’t find much difficulty in setting up your own website and they even have a free site builder to help you out.